How to Cut a Kiwi or Kiwifruit

How to Cut a Kiwi or Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit, or kiwi as it is more commonly known, adds sweet, succulent flavor to salads, salsas and yogurt bowls. Because they’re so delicious you won’t want to miss one bit of the juicy flesh. So learn how to cut a kiwi, and you’re sure to get every bit of fruit.

Recommended Knife:

Mini Cheese Knife

Small but mighty, this cheese knife does more than cut cheese. It’s also a great knife for cutting kiwi, shallots, limes and cherry tomatoes.

How to Cut Kiwi or Kiwifruit

  1. Use a Mini Cheese Knife to trim off the base of the kiwi.
  2. Slightly angling the knife inward and cut around the top end of the fruit.
  3. Twist and pull the stem end to remove it.
  4. Cut the kiwi in half, lengthwise.
  5. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh.
  6. Lay the kiwi halves flat on the cutting board and cut into strips.
  7. Rotate the kiwi 90 degrees and cut crosswise to dice.

Kiwi Buying and Storing Tips

  • When buying a kiwi, press gently on the fruit. It should give a little to pressure, but not be too soft.
  • Smell the kiwi. It should have a slightly citrusy smell. If it smells overly sweet, it’s likely overripe.
  • To ripen and unripen kiwi, place it in a paper bag with other fruit, like a banana, and leave at room temperature. Once ripe, refrigerate the kiwi.

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