Best Knives for Barbecuing and Grilling

Best Knives for Barbecuing and Grilling

Cutco gets a lot of love from the barbecue and grilling communities, and it is no surprise why. You need knives you can depend on when preparing food for cooking outdoors.

When preparing tri-tip, ribs, chicken or even vegetables, good knives matter. If you’re getting ready to fire up the smoker or grill, these are what we consider the best knives for barbecuing and grilling.

Butcher Knife

The name of this knife says it all. A Butcher Knife is kind of the standard-bearer of meat knives. With its long, wide, sharp blade that curves up toward the tip, it is built to handle large cuts of meat.

Use it to disjoint chicken, section meats and even slice watermelon for tossing onto a grill.

Butcher Knife.

Santoku-Style 8″ Carver

You might call the Santoku-Style 8" Carver a brisket knife. The long blade features Cutco’s unique Double-D® cutting edge, which makes smooth, consistent slices without ripping or tearing.

Make slices as thick or as thin as you like of brisket, boneless ham or pork loin. It is also a great knife for cubing chicken or steak for shish kebob. And, if coleslaw is on your outdoor menu, you can use this knife to shred cabbage. For larger cuts of meat the Santoku-Style 10" Slicer would be also be a good choice.

Santoku-Style 8 Inch Carver


When you think of the best knives for barbecuing and grilling no doubt the Cleaver comes to mind. While not a knife you will reach for every day, it has its value for outdoor cooking.

With its thick, weighty blade and sharp straight edge the Cleaver is for the tough jobs like cracking spare ribs and lobster, disjointing chicken and cutting frozen meats. Its spine or even the flat side can also be used to tenderize meat.



As the name of this knife implies, it is the go-to knife for trimming fat from meat. When barbecuing or grilling, you want to be careful not to have too much fat. It does add flavor, but too much can cause flare-ups.

The sharp Double-D® edge, shorter 4-7/8″ blade and pointed tip of the Trimmer make it easy to maneuver when cutting.

Trimmer trimming fat.

Boning Knife

The Boning Knife is one you might overlook, but its sharp, thin, flexible blade easily slices through meat and is easy to control. It is perfect for using in tight spots, like around chicken bones. The pointed tip easily pierces into meat for butterflying or creating a pocket for stuffing.

Along with butterflying, use the knife to debone chicken and trim fat from meats.

Using a Boning Knife to butterfly the flank steak.

Steak Knife

There is nothing worse than having a steak knife that doesn’t easily cut through meat. The heft of this knife, along with its sharp blade will tackle anything that comes off the smoker or grill. The Steak Knife cuts equally well whether cutting through thick steaks or roasted veggies.

Steak Knife.

The Bottom Line

The best knives for barbecuing and grilling are sharp, easy to use and comfortable to hold. They should be well balanced and feel like an extension of your hand, making prep work easier.

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