Cutco - Celebrating 75 Years - 1949-2024 Celebrating 75 Years - 1949-2024

Thank You!

For allowing us to be a part of your family for 75 years.

Since 1949, Cutco® Knives have been handed down from mothers to daughters, grandfathers to grandsons and between friends. We appreciate that our customers value the performance of our knives, the reliability of products that are built to last and the tradition of gifting Cutco. We remain committed to excellence and to exceptional service, and are proud that we continue to be the choice of home cooks! It’s through your support that we’ve been able to make a difference in our community and in the lives of our employees, so we offer our thanks and look forward to creating memories in your kitchen for years to come.

American-Made Knives. Guaranteed Forever.

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May 31, 2024

Celebrating 75 Years - Traditional Flatware!

Traditional Flatware

Traditional Flatware is back by popular demand – but not for long!

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March 1, 2024

Celebrating 75 Years - New products now available in Red!

Red Steak Knife & Hardy Slicer

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We believe your Cutco is more than just a knife. It's a story.

Cutco Owner - Ana P.
Cutco Owner - Ana P.

Ana P.

My Cutco

“I purchased my first 3 Cutco Knives from a Cutco booth at our state fair 12 years ago. I purchased the Gourmet Prep Knife, the Petite Santoku and the French Chef knife. It was love at 1st cut and I still have those knives. I have since purchased a whole block set and can’t wait to add to my collection (Cleaver and Butcher Knife, I’m coming for you). As someone that loves to cook, I’m always in search of products that make cooking and prepping easier and more efficient. I’ve upgraded everything from my range to my cookware but the one constant over the years has been my Cutco Knives. I not only love the knives themselves, but the customer service is amazing! Not many things in life are guaranteed for life but my knives are. The last time I sent them for their routine sharpening I sent them my broken French knife with a note saying ‘I broke it, can you please sharpen the best you can?’ To my surprise when my knives were returned they sent me a brand new replacement, no questions asked. I’m a lifetime fan.”

Cutco Owner -
Cutco Owner - Roxeanne Lamb

Roxanne Lamb

Cutco Champions

“Having Cutco Knives has been magical in my kitchen. The handles are amazingly comfortable in my hands. The razor-sharp blades glide through everything. I started off small and my set continues to grow… knives, shears, accessories and more. An added bonus is having the sheaths so they can travel with me. My kids love them as well, so I started them off and add a piece to their set every year as a part of their gifts from Santa. My friends all know that Cutco is my jam when it comes to kitchen must-haves. With Cutco, cooking and my meal preparation is easy and fun.”

Cutco Owner -
Cutco Owner - Roxeanne L.

Ron Hennessey

Cutco Champions

“My first Cutco Knives were purchased from a local representative who was very informative on the product and sold us. I bought the Cheese Knife, Hardy Slicer, 5" Santoku. We were amazed from the start and still amazed today. Since then I’ve purchased a Carver and a Trimmer for my meat prep and finishing slices. With these knives, I got what I paid for and now I’m a Cutco customer for life, literally with their lifetime warranty. Some added bonuses are that they sharpen the knives for free, and they are made right here in the USA.”

Cutco Owner -
Cutco Owner - Sherri C.

Sherri C.

My Cutco

“Have you ever received a knife and given the gift giver a penny? That’s the lore I learned from my mom when I moved out on my own and she gave me some of her knives. It’s odd that though my mother and all of her family are from the Olean area, she never owned a Cutco Knife. And I didn’t own my first until I was in my early twenties, when I bought a Slicer from a brand new Cutco sales rep. Since then I’ve been adding to my collection, and I have a nice variety. But there’s always more! I couldn’t pick a favorite, because each is perfect at the job they’re designed for. However, I use my Cheese Knife every morning to dice my white sweet potato for breakfast. My fiancÚ, Joe Gurney, likes the chef knife for chopping veggies when we’re cooking dinner together. For smaller jobs, the Santoku-Style Trimmer is my go-to fav! I love how easily it chops Brussels sprouts and zucchini. One day my son will receive my Cutco collection – for a price.”

Cutco Owner - Sarah G.
Cutco Owner - Sherri C.

Sarah G.

My Cutco

“My mother passed away when I was 4. Among the things of hers my grandparents kept to give my sister and I was her set of Cutco Knives and utensils. They have been in my kitchen, in full use since I was 18. Now at 44 and with a daughter of my own, I'm sure they will be passed down with love to her someday.”

Cutco Owner - Audrey S.
Cutco Owner - Audrey S.

Audrey S.

My Cutco

“What tools are essential in your kitchen? For me, Cutco Knives see the most action. When my husband and I registered for our wedding 24 years ago, we asked for a cheap boxed set of knives from Target. We didn’t know better. After a few years of using dull, crappy knives, my mom gifted us our first Cutco Knives. We use them to this day. They’re guaranteed for life and they stay sharp forever. We send them in periodically for sharpening and we sure miss them when they’re gone. Our son and his fiancÚ are working on their bridal registry and have been mindful about listing good quality essentials. When they asked my opinion about what’s needful in the kitchen, I talked up Cutco Knives. Part of setting up a sustainable household is buying quality items that will stand the test of time.”

Cutco Owner - Ginny C.
Cutco Owner - Audrey S.

Ginny C.

My Cutco

“I agree about the best investment I ever made. I bought a full set in 1970 when I graduated from high school. It was one of the first items for my hope chest. I got married in 1973 and they are the only knives I ever used. I have had them sharpened a few times, but they are still in good shape.”

Cutco Owner - Annamarie S.
Cutco Owner - Annamarie S.

Annamarie S.

My Cutco

“One summer between junior and senior year of high school I worked as a sales rep for Vector Marketing. I learned so much that summer, not only what the knives could do, but the process in which they were made. The quality was nothing like I had ever seen before. I purchased the Homemaker Set that summer and went to all my sales appointments with that set, cutting through rope with the Trimmer, and using my shears to cut the edge of a penny into a tiny little coil. I mean, these products were amazing! I have been a fan of Cutco Products ever since. I tucked that Homemaker Set away for years in the felt casing and zip bag that it came in and when I got married about 7 years later they came with me to my new house. Almost 14 years have gone by since I have been married and I not only have used them on a daily basis since, but I have also expanded my collection to include not only a wood block but knives like the Vegetable Knife, Boning Knife, both the 5" Petite Santoku and 7" Santoku among many others. Food and cooking are such a large part of my life. Between cooking for my family and experimenting in the kitchen for my food blog and catering endeavors with Caper and Olive, having these knives makes each and every job in the kitchen even more enjoyable. I will always be a Cutco customer.”

Cutco Owner - Kimberly C.
Cutco Owner - Kimberly C.

Kimberly C.

My Cutco

“Cutco represents a multitude of things that we hold value to, a quality product, lifetime warranty, and American made. But most importantly Cutco Knives represent family time. Our Cutco have become a staple and teammate to our family every day, especially preparing our Sunday family dinners. A quality product for quality family time.”

Cutco Owner - Jim H.
Cutco Owner - Jim H.

Jim H.

My Cutco

“A fellow Marine introduced me to the company while my wife and I were stationed in Pensacola in the mid-1960s. That's where I started my collection. In the early 1970s, I bought a Spatula Spreader that is still being used several times a week.

I resigned my Marine Corps commission and began working for the then new Drug Enforcement Administration. When I learned what I would be doing, I retired my dull old Marine Corps-issued KA-BAR and replaced it with the Cutco model #5725. I never imagined a state-of-the-art survival knife. Suffice it to say, it was with me for decades in some of the most unbelievable jungles in Central and South America. It was my best friend, my closest companion. It never dulled.

What shall I do with a brand new Spatula? The one we have had for about fifty years still works fine! I recently gave my daughter a pair of Cutco scissors because my wife and I are so amazed by the pair we own. I have no doubt our daughter and our son-in-law (a super cook) will most appreciate their new really handy kitchen tool, the Cutco Spatula Spreader with the ‘Double-D’ cutting edge. Be assured - as soon as they've opened it I will tell the grandkids that the blade is sharp enough to lop a finger off if they're not careful!”

The Cutco Story

Cutco is a family-owned, small-town manufacturing company that provides not just premium, American-made knives, but kitchen solutions and knife know-how that can simplify and ease your cooking challenges. From our corporate culture to the sale of our products, family is at the center of everything we do.

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Cutco begins manufacturing in Olean, New York.
The ergonomically-designed "hand-perfect" wedge-lock handle is added to Cutco cutlery, ensuring a comfortable grip.
The exclusive Double-D® edge is added to several Cutco items.
ALCOA purchases Case Cutlery's share of Alcas. Alcas becomes wholly-owned by ALCOA. An improved universal wedge-lock handle is added to Cutco Products.
Alcas management team purchases the company from ALCOA in a management buyout.
Alcas acquires Vector Marketing Corp. establishing it as Alcas' wholly-owned Cutco marketing subsidiary in the U.S.
Vector Marketing expands into Canada.
Alcas acquires KA-BAR Knives, Inc.
Cutco opens a visitors center next to its corporate headquarters.
Cutco opens its first brick-and-mortar retail store in Erie, Pennsylvania.
The Alcas Corporation name is changed to Cutco Corporation as the company marks its 60th anniversary.
Cutco celebrates its 75th anniversary.