American Made

Cutco knives have been made for more than 70 years at our factory in Olean, New York. Made in America is more than where we manufacture our knives. It’s a deep-rooted commitment to providing American jobs that support families, quality American products and exceptional American service. All Cutco knives are American made, and we are committed to keeping it that way.

American Pride

Established in 1949, Cutco is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in North America. Superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and a commitment to exceptional service have made Cutco the center of many family meals. If it leaves the Cutco factory, be assured it was crafted by skilled professionals and made to the highest standards of excellence.

More than 200 of our 600 employees have been here for over 20 years.

American Satisfaction

All Cutco products are backed by The Forever Guarantee. This is Cutco’s unwavering promise and it is at the heart of everything we do. We stand behind our Cutco products with a forever satisfaction guarantee. We want every Cutco customer to be a satisfied customer forever.

If at any time a customer is not completely satisfied with the performance of their Cutco product, we will correct the problem or replace the product. It is our pledge to guarantee our customers’ 100% satisfaction.

When you send your well-loved Cutco products in for sharpening or repair they will be cared for as if they were our own. Our highly trained customer service representatives are here to provide exceptional service and they’re just a phone call, email or social media message away.

The American Worker

Why do our employees love working at Cutco?

Lynn Anzivine LOGO Engrave Specialist
“When I come to work each day, it is not about just coming to a job, but working with my extended family. Cutco’s commitment to providing high- quality products backed by The Forever Guarantee, as well as their commitment to our community and their employees, are reasons I am proud to say I am part of the Cutco family!”
Harry Gayton 2nd Shift CNC Profile Grinder - Department 6
“I like working here at Cutco, because we are manufacturing a product that is used in millions of homes. Cutco is vital to our community because it employs our neighbors, helps with local businesses, charities and community functions that keep us focused on helping one another. Our culture here is a family-oriented environment.”
David Snyder Service Representative
“I’ve worked at Cutco for 21 years, assisting our Spanish-speaking clients and sales field. I love that Cutco really focuses on bettering the community. They could just make great knives and call it a day, but they go above and beyond in effort and resources to give back, be leaders and make our community a better place.”
Brooke Lewis Social Media Specialist
“They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I grew up using Cutco, so for me, nothing beats engaging and having conversations with our customers through all of our social media platforms on a daily basis and talking about how much we love Cutco products. This company allows me to express my creativity - alongside working, learning and interacting with some of the greatest, friendliness and funniest people on the planet. Thank you Cutco for bringing me back to my hometown and giving me the ability to love what I do every single day.”
Chantal Cook Associate CAD Drafter
“I love working at Cutco because the people here are like family to me. Not only does the company reach out to their workers, but they also reach out to our community. One of the ways they reach out is through the program Dream It Do It. With this program, Cutco gives me the opportunity to reach out to kids and show them what drafting is and how they can be creative in what they make.
Laurie Bernheisel 1st Shift Assembler - Department 59
“When we went to Alaska, I was wearing a Cutco shirt and someone asked how I knew Cutco. I love that no matter where I go, if I'm wearing something with the Cutco logo, I'll always get asked how I know Cutco and I can proudly tell them that I work there. We're known everywhere and that's pretty impressive considering the size of our town.
Dick Childs Retiree (Former 1st Shift Distribution Center Operator)
“When I started with Cutco 22 years ago, I could see how the owners and upper-management cared about their people. That concern and care was very apparent in the past few years as Cutco continues to grow toward a 'people first' culture, with support from the top down. We've seen people from all aspects of our company come together in respecting others opinions, viewpoints and input into making Cutco not only a work-safe, but also a better overall work environment. People see their own value and take ownership and pride in their work. If you have to work somewhere, Cutco is a very good place to work.”
Dan Antonioli Director of Logistics
“It is true, we do make a great product. Many companies make a great product. What makes Cutco a fantastic place to work is the culture. It is more than family oriented, Cutco engages the employees and makes them feel important.”