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The Forever Guarantee

Cutco’s Exclusive Double-D® Edge

The Double-D® edge has three distinct cutting edges that cut food whether you are moving forward, backward or straight down.

What makes the Double-D® edge better?

The blade stays sharp longer. The exclusive Double-D® edge uses the points along the blade to protect the individual (or small) cutting edges. And when it does need a fresh edge, Cutco will sharpen it for you.

The Micro Double-D™ Edge

Found on the Cutco cheese knives, the Micro Double-D® edge is a smaller version of the Double-D® edge. It’s just as sharp and aids in cutting soft and dense cheese.

Straight Edge vs. Recessed Edge

Both types of edges are equally reliable at cutting. Depending on the type of food, you will want to choose the right knife for the job.

Knives with a Double-D® edge