Types of Knives

Having a sharp knife that’s the right size and shape allows for better control, making food prep safer and easier. Cutco offers a complete line of kitchen knives in common sizes and styles, along with specialty pieces original to Cutco. You can always have the right knife for the task.

Chef Knife

Well balanced and sharp, chef knives are the foundation of every home kitchen. They are ideal for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing fruits and vegetables, like melons, onions, Swiss chard and root vegetables. The wide blades are perfect for moving ingredients from the cutting board to the pan. These razor-sharp, straight-edge knives stay sharp for years and can be maintained and sharpened at home. Cutco's high-carbon, stainless steel Chef Knives come in two sizes to suit your taste.

Utility Knife

Cutco’s version of the utility knife, the Trimmer will be a major player in your kitchen every day. From slicing or coring fruits and vegetables, like mangoes and tomatoes, to trimming excess fat, this is your go-to knife for prep work and will help you get fast, professional results. Every feature - from the tip of its Double-D®-edge blade, through the full tang and to the bottom of its triple-riveted, ergonomic handle - will you have you adoring the Trimmer. Cutco's high-carbon, stainless steel Trimmer comes in two styles to suit your taste.

Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

These are the utility knives you never knew you needed. The thicker blades with Double-D® edges give you both power and control for easy food prep. Perfect for cutting through tough-to-cut foods, like small squash and melons, or slicing pepperoni and other cured meats. Use the sharp tip to conveniently remove broccoli and cauliflower florets from their stalks. The comfortable, sure-grip handles give you complete control the entire time. Cutco's heavy-duty utility knives come in two styles to suit your taste.

Paring Knife

Small but steady, paring knives are some of the most beloved knives in the kitchen. These trusted prepping essentials feature a super-sharp short, high-carbon, stainless steel blade that gives you maximum control for precision cutting. Perfect for paring fruits and vegetables, like apples and potatoes, and creating vegetable platters, fruit salads and decorative garnishes, like radish roses and celery curls. Every home cook should have at least one. Cutco Paring Knives come in six different styles to suit your taste.

Bird’s Beak Paring Knife

The special curved, high-carbon, stainless steel blade makes easy work of paring small round fruits and vegetables, like apples and radishes, allowing more of the blade to come into contact with the surface of the food. Great for garnishes or tasks where precision is key. Designed for intricate cutting, this knife is great for fluting mushrooms or creating vegetable garnishes, like radish roses. Use the sharp tip to score small fruits, like dates and figs.

Boning Knife

You may not reach for this knife every day, but when you do you will be glad it’s there! The Boning Knife maneuvers like a pro to easily remove portions from whole pieces of meat. This sharp, agile and flexible high-carbon, stainless steel blade is designed to get right to the bone and gives you complete control and confidence when breaking down a whole chicken or butterflying pork or lamb chops. Also ideal for trimming fat from beef and slicing venison.

Bread Knife (Slicer)

Say goodbye to squashed bread. Cutco’s version of the bread knife, these knives glide effortlessly through freshly baked breads. Graceful, sleek and sharp, the long, narrow, Double-D®-edge blades and rounded tips provide thin slices with one continuous stroke. The high-carbon, stainless steel blades stay sharp for years and also make easy work of slicing boneless ham, turkey breast, cake, eggplant and shredding lettuce or cabbage. Cutco Slicers come in three different options to suit your taste.

Butcher Knife

Strength and accuracy are hallmarks of butcher knives and Cutco’s has that and more. Heavy-duty and tough, the wide belly and clip point of this knife allow for accuracy when segmenting and trimming larger cuts of meat. Easily disjoint chicken, cut lamb chops and remove pork ribs. The sharp, high-carbon, stainless steel blade also makes easy work of slicing large, tough-to-cut fruits and vegetables, like watermelon, pineapple and winter squash. Like all Cutco straight-edge knives, the razor-sharp edge will stay sharp for years and can be maintained and sharpened at home.

Carving Knife

From every day to the holidays, these knives are unsurpassed for carving and slicing. With Cutco's exclusive Double-D® edge, you will have no worries carving, whether a holiday turkey, leg of lamb or large roast is on the table. The long, sharp blades deliver thin, smooth, even slices every time. Also use it to confidently slice larger fruits, like watermelon and honey dew. Combine with the Carving Fork for an impressive Carving Set. Cutco Carvers come in three different options to suit your taste.

Cheese Knife

Designed with a unique edge and blade perforations, Cutco Cheese Knives, with the exclusive Micro Double-D edge, will glide through hard to soft cheeses with ease. The perforations along the high-carbon, stainless steel blade prevent dense foods from sticking and the rounded tip is great for spreading soft cheese. Also reach for a cheese knife when slicing cured meats or fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes and root vegetables. A must-have for anyone who likes to entertain. Cutco Cheese Knives come in four different styles to suit your taste.

Sheep’s Foot Paring Knife

Choose this knife for smaller, detailed work. A santoku version of Cutco’s 2-3/4" Paring Knife, this style is perfect for slicing small fruits and vegetables, like apples and potatoes. The slightly curved, super-sharp short blade allows for longer slices and straighter cuts and gives maximum control and precision cutting. Also, use the high-carbon, stainless steel blade for slicing ginger and garlic on the cutting board.

Spatula Spreader

This well-rounded knife corners the market on multitasking with its flexible, stainless steel blade and Double-D® edge. It’s an all-in-one tool that mixes, spreads, slices and serves making it one of Cutco’s most versatile knives. Use it to scoop and spread condiments, slice sandwiches, spread frosting, serve brownies, halve bagels and so much more. Since you will only be reaching for one knife, this customer-favorite makes cleanup a breeze. The wide, stainless steel blade is ideal for engraving making this knife a great gift!

Kitchen Shears

Whether you call them shears or scissors, you will love this customer favorite. The dual-edge blades grab whatever you’re cutting to prevent sliding and the sharp grind provides a clean cut. They come apart for easy cleaning, making them perfect for the kitchen, garden and anyplace in between. Use them to snip fresh herbs and scallions, disjoint chicken, open tough packaging, remove broccoli and cauliflower florets, cut twine or use for many other outdoor projects. For right- or left-handed use.

Meat Cleaver

A serious knife you can handle with confidence for the toughest jobs. The thick, slightly curved, ultra-sharp blade is intended for hacking through bone and easily disjointing poultry, like chicken, turkey and duck. Cleanly break down or crack spareribs and cut through frozen meats with the sharp, high-carbon, stainless steel blade. Heavy-duty and powerful enough to pound and tenderize beef and chicken breast, and crack lobster shells. Conveniently comes with a high-quality sheath for safe storage.

Santoku Knife

Similar to the chef knife, but with a low tip for added precision. This multi-functional knife with its sharp, subtly curved blade easily chops, slices and dices fruits and vegetables, like carrots, celery, papaya and potatoes. Use it for everything, from slicing sushi to butterflying chicken breasts. The razor-sharp straight-edge blade will stay sharp for years. Wide blade is perfect for easy transfer of ingredients. Low tip ideal for intricate cutting and boning. Cutco Santoku Knives come in two different sizes to suit your taste.

Salmon Knife

Like to prepare fresh fish at home? You need this knife! Impress your guests (and yourself) with beautiful thin fillets of fish, like tuna, seabass and snapper. The thin blade is sharp and flexible enough to remove the delicate skin from fresh salmon and then slicing thin slices for sushi, too. The high-carbon stainless steel blade can be used for slicing venison, as well. Like all Cutco straight-edge knives, the razor-sharp edge will stay sharp for years and can be maintained and sharpened at home.

Table Knife or Steak Knife

A size and style for any family table, these knives do it all at mealtime whether it's a special occasion or an everyday meal. Praised by customers for being enduringly sharp and exceedingly versatile, these knives are comfortable to hold and perfectly balanced. Easily cut everything on your plate and slice through even the thickest steaks with the sharp Double-D® edge. When steak isn’t on the menu, cut salads, spread butter and more. Even with daily use, these knives will stay sharp for years.

Vegetable Cleaver

THE knife for vegetable prep. This premium Vegetable Knife has a super-sharp, generous blade designed for clean slicing, chopping and dicing of fruits and vegetables, like pineapple, melon, leeks and collard greens, ideal for soups, stews and platters. Its wide, high-carbon, stainless steel blade is perfect for moving ingredients from the cutting board to the pan. The ergonomic handle gives you complete control the entire time and has a universal fit for large or small, left or right hands.


The sturdy, sharp, high-carbon, stainless steel tines deeply penetrate and firmly anchor whatever you’re cutting, giving you complete control during the carving process. The ergonomic handles have a universal fit for large or small, left or right hands and allow for secure grasping and turning when serving or carving. When the work is done, use to easily transfer slices of meat to a platter. Combine with one of Cutco’s Carvers for a Carving Set.

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Anatomy of a Cutco Kitchen Knife

From tip to tang and everything in between, discover the anatomy of a Cutco Kitchen Knife.


Used for fine work or delicate cuts. Also used for piercing, scoring and as an anchor during mincing. Clip point Allows for intricate cutting and has less drag when piercing. Low tip Allows for more control during intricate cutting.


The main body of the knife. High-carbon, stainless steel Holds a sharp edge while maintaining its beauty. Resists rust and corrosion.

Blade Perforations

Holes that prevent dense foods from sticking.


The unsharpened, top of the blade opposite the cutting edge.

Cutting edge

The sharp edge of the knife blade. Hollow ground edge Cuts food evenly without drag and allows food to easily fall away. Edge angle The angle at which one side of the blade meets the other. Straight-edge The razor-sharp edge produces smooth slices and allows you to cut straight through food rather than using a sawing motion. Cutco straight-edge knives can be maintained and sharpened at home.

Double-D® edge

A series of three recessed cutting edges make a smooth, clean cut with less pressure. Points protect cutting edges to retain sharpness.

Micro Double-D™ edge

A condensed version of the Double-D® edge.


Where you grip the knife. Thermo-resin Highly engineered material. Will not crack, chip or absorb moisture and is sanitary. Dishwasher safe. Ergonomic design Universal fit for large or small, left or right hand. Comfortable handle helps reduce fatigue and provides a sure grip. Nickel silver rivets Securely attach the handle to the blade. Will resist pitting and tarnishing, and are flush with the handle for comfort and durability.


The part of the blade that extends into and attaches to the handle. Full tangBlade extends the full length of the handle providing strength and balance. Partial tang Blade extends through part of the handle.

*Cutco Knives feature the full tang. Exception (#1504 Cheese Knife, #1759 Table Knife, #1959 Stainless Table Knife)


The back end of the knife handle.

Exclusive Features of Cutco Knives

Double-D® Edge

A series of three recessed cutting edges make a smooth, clean cut with less pressure. Points protect cutting edges to retain sharpness. Available on select knives.

Ergonomic handle

Universal fit for large or small, left or right hand. Comfortable handle helps reduce fatigue and provides a sure grip.

How Cutco Knives are Made

Cutco’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident throughout each step of the manufacturing process from the selection of steel to final inspection.

Making the Blade

Choosing the Steel

To ensure the highest quality knives, Cutco starts with high-carbon, stainless steel that holds a sharp edge while maintaining its beauty. This steel also resists rust and corrosion.

Creating a Steel Blade

Sheets of high-carbon, stainless steel are cut into the exact shape and precise dimensions of the blade using either an industrial laser or by blanking (also referred to as stamping or punching).

Making a Sharp Edge Last Longer

Blades head to a unique and critical three-step heat-treating process. They go through a series of extreme heat, deep freeze and tempering, creating the best balance of hardness, flexibility, rust and stain resistance and superior edge retention.

Enhancing Beauty and Corrosion Resistance

In an extra step, surface imperfections are buffed away and blades are polished to an attractive, stain-resistant mirror-polish finish.

For Smooth Cutting

A hollow grind is applied. Both sides of the blade are "hollowed out" from the edge to a line approximately midway up the blade. Then, this area is finished for aesthetics and additional stain resistance. This concave area creates the ideal thickness for the application of the sharp edge while providing maximum clearance behind the cutting edge and minimum "drag" on food being cut.


Making the Perfect Handle

Knife handles are molded from highly engineered thermo-resin that is durable, can be polished and won’t crack, chip or absorb moisture while being dishwasher safe and BPA free. They are manufactured to design specifications of the universal wedge-lock handle.

Attaching the Handle to the Knife

Three high-quality nickel silver rivets, that resist pitting and tarnishing, securely attach the two-piece handle to the blade that extends the full length of the handle. A blade extending the full length of the handle is called a full tang and provides strength and balance. The combined tang, handle-pieces and rivets are sanded in a process called hafting, making all surfaces flush and smooth for durability, strength and comfort. Then, robotic buffing and polishing completes the riveted handle to tang assembly. With the handle now smooth and blended, it’s polished to the finished high luster.

Applying an edge

Making a Straight-edge Knife Razor Sharp

A straight edge is typically produced by grinding a small bevel, known as a cantle, on the very edge of the knife blade. Skilled craftsmen with a steady hand and a trained eye apply the final beveled cantle on straight-edge knives in a process called honing. Proper and consistent cantle angle, width and surface finish along the entire length of the blade edge are crucial in the manufacture of a good functional straight edge. The smaller the angle of the ground edge, the sharper it is and the less pressure is required for cutting. For home cooks, the optimum edge angle for kitchen knives is 30 degree inclusive. Craftsmen must hold each knife in the correct position to apply the precise 30 degree inclusive angle that results in a sharp edge.

Double-D® Edge

With exacting precision, a combination of robotics and specialized CNC edge-grinding machines apply the specially engineered series of three razor-sharp, recessed cutting edges that run along the blade edge. The points that separate these three-part cutting edges are critical as they span the length of the blade protecting the cutting edges by preventing them from coming in contact with surfaces that dull cutting edges. This unique edge adds 15 percent to 20 percent more actual cutting-edge-per-inch of blade length when compared to a conventional edge.

Final Step

Clean, Inspect

The knife is cleaned and inspected. It must pass as many as 25 quality standards before getting the Cutco stamp of approval.

Product Care

Everything you need to know to keep your Cutco performing like new forever.

Kitchen Knife Care

These fine cutting tools are extremely sharp. As with any sharp instrument, use care to prevent injuries. Be sure sharp edges are pointed down or away from you when laying knives on the countertop or table, and always be aware of where the sharp edge of a knife is when picking up or handling the knives. Be aware that knives may come to rest with the sharp edge facing up. Never pick up, or attempt to pick up, a knife by its blade. Never hold foods in your hands while slicing. Keep all knives away from children.

Daily Care

Hand-wash knives

Although Cutco Cutlery is dishwasher safe, we recommend you carefully hand-wash your products in hot water, using a mild dishwashing liquid. Dry them after washing. Allowing items to soak in the dishwater may cause staining from the mineral content in some water.

  • If placing your cutlery in the dishwasher please be aware:
  • Keep safety in mind.
  • The edges can be damaged as they hit each other.
  • The cutlery can fall through the rack and become damaged resting on the heating element or getting caught in the washing mechanism.
  • The sharp edges of the cutlery can damage the protective plastic coating of the machine.
  • Lay your knives flat on the dishwasher rack. If you must put them in the flatware basket, do so with the points down so there's less chance of grabbing the blades while unloading.
  • Varying dishwasher detergent formulas and water mineral content can affect the resulting shine of your cutlery. If you choose to use the dishwasher, we recommend experimenting with different detergent brands, styles, rinse agents and softening additives (for harder water) to find the best combination for your dishwasher.

Keeping Knives Sharp

Cutting board
  • DO NOT cut on porcelain, glass or metal. These surfaces will quickly dull your knives. Use polypropylene cutting boards to keep knife edges sharp longer.
  • Never use your knife as a screwdriver or other mechanical tool.
  • To keep your knives sharp and keep their finish, store them in woodblocks, trays or storage sheaths.
  • DO NOT expose Cutco to open flames or other sources of intense heat. Excessive heat can destroy the temper of the steel blades and melt or burn the handles.

Sharpening Double-D® Recessed Edges

Double D
    These products have a unique edge configuration: a series of three cutting edges with a concave grind. They are designed to stay sharp for many years under normal household use. When they do need sharpening, DO NOT use the Cutco Sharpener or any other sharpening service. It will ruin the special edge. Send them back to the Cutco factory. We will put a factory-fresh edge on each knife for you free of charge. You pay only a nominal shipping and handling fee.

Sharpening Straight-Edged Knives


Cutco Knives with straight edges (Paring, Chef, Santoku, Boning, etc.) require periodic sharpening to maintain optimum performance. We recommend our Cutco Sharpener, but any sharpening stone, steel or other sharpening device may be used. As with all quality knives, we recommend that you regularly take the time to refresh the edge with the sharpener as soon as you notice the knife beginning to dull. You may also send these knives back to Cutco for free sharpening. You pay only a nominal shipping and handling fee. Or, for in-home service, contact us for a Certified Service Professional.

Stain Resistance

  • Cutco is made from high-carbon, stainless steel that is mirror or satin polished. However, occasional minor staining can result from contact with certain foods or where the household water has a high mineral content.
  • Should occasional stains appear, use a non-abrasive polishing compound such as Flitz®. Apply a small drop on a soft cloth and polish the stained area. Remove the excess Flitz with a dry cloth. Flitz can also be found in supermarkets and hardware stores.
  • Mayonnaise is extremely corrosive and should not be allowed to remain on the blades for an extended time.



Cutco uses nickel-silver rivets to secure the handles to the tang. These rivets are strong, durable and can be polished to a mirror finish. Minor staining may occur over time. This can be easily removed with a non-abrasive cleaner such as Flitz®. Apply a small drop on a soft cloth. Polish the rivet and remove excess Flitz with a dry cloth.

How to Clean and Polish Handles

Cutco handles (Classic dark brown, Pearl white and Red) are made from a dishwasher-safe, thermo-resin that will not chip, crack or absorb moisture. Tests show that Pearl handles will resist most stains, including beet, pickle, cherry and grape juice. However, contact with some products such as mustard, food coloring and carrots may result in a slight discoloration. To remove these stains, clean gently with a mild, liquid abrasive cleanser and run through the dishwasher or use Flitz® (See tips under Stain Resistance). This will bring back their sheen and not harm the handles.

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