Types of Knives

Having a sharp knife that’s the right size and shape allows for better control, making food prep safer and easier. Cutco offers a complete line of kitchen knives in common sizes and styles, along with specialty pieces original to Cutco. You can always have the right knife for the task.

Chef’s Knife

Slice, dice and chop with ease. This knife will make you feel like a professional chef in your own kitchen.

Utility Knife

From slicing or coring fruits and vegetables to trimming excess fat, this will be the knife you reach for every day.

Heavy Duty Utility Knife

The thicker blade and Double-D® edge on this knife gives you both power and control for easy food prep. Perfect for cutting through small squash and melons, or slicing pepperoni and other cured meats.

Paring Knife

Small but steady, this knife is perfect for cutting small fruits and vegetables with precision and ease.

Bird’s Beak Paring Knife

Great for garnishes or tasks where precision is key. Also ideal for peeling round fruits and vegetables, allowing more of the blade to come into contact with the surface of the food.

Boning Knife

This sharp, agile and flexible blade gives you complete control and confidence when breaking down a whole chicken or butterflying pork or lamb chops.

Bread Knife (Slicer)

Long narrow blade to slice meats, poultry, seafood, warm breads and cakes.

Butcher Knife

The wide belly and clip point of this knife allow for accuracy when segmenting and trimming larger cuts of meat, and larger fruits like melon, squash and pineapple.

Carving Knife

Make thin, smooth, even slices of turkey, chicken or ham. Also use it to confidently slice larger fruits and vegetables like melons and eggplant.

Cheese Knife

Designed to glide through a variety of cheeses. The perforations along the blade prevent sticking and the rounded tip is great for spreading soft cheese.

Sheep’s Foot Paring Knife

A slightly curved blade allows for longer slices and straighter cuts. A drop point tip helps with intricate cutting.

Spatula Spreader

With it’s flexible, stainless steel blade and Double-D® edge, mix, stir, spread, slice and serve with just this one knife.

Kitchen Shears

Snip fresh herbs and section chicken, open tough packaging, cut twine or use with many other outdoor projects.

Meat Cleaver

Cleanly separate ribs with the ultra sharp, heavy blade that is thick enough for the toughest jobs.

Santoku Knife

Similar to the chef’s knife, but with a drop point tip for added precision. Use this knife to slice, dice and chop.

Salmon Knife

With a thin blade, sharp and flexible enough to remove the delicate skin from fresh salmon, this knife is perfect for getting delicate fillets of your favorite fish and for sushi, too.

Table Knife or Steak Knife

Easily cut food at the table with its sharp Double-D® edge. Even if steak isn’t on the menu, cut salads, spread butter and more.

Vegetable Cleaver

Designed for clean slicing, chopping and dicing, this wide blade is perfect for moving veggies from the cutting board to the pan.


Sharp tines and a comfortable handle make for secure grasping and turning when serving or carving.

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