How to Care for Kitchen Knives

Everyday Care

Heed these simple tips and your knives will cut and look great for years.

  • It's not the food you cut that dulls knives, it's the surface you're cutting on. In place of glass or stone surface, use a wood or plastic surface to keep your knives sharper longer.
  • Do not expose your knives to open flames or other sources of intense heat. That can destroy the temper of the steel blades, and melt or burn the handles.
  • Mayonnaise may be tasty, but it's also bad for your blades. Wash it off your knives immediately to avoid corrosion of the steel.
  • If your blades become stained, use a non-abrasive polishing compound such as Flitz® to remove them. Apply a small drop on a soft cloth and polish the stained area. You can find Flitz at your local supermarket or hardware store.

Keep Them Clean

Dishwater vs. dishwasher? While much high-quality cutlery (like CUTCO knives) are dishwasher-safe, it's recommend you hand-wash your knives and dry them right away to keep them looking great.

  • Don't let your knives soak in the dishwater too long. The mineral content in some areas could stain the blades.
  • If you use your dishwasher, we recommend you avoid using powdered detergent. Try liquid, gel or tablet detergent. Also make sure your detergent either contains a rinse agent or you add one to dispenser in your dishwasher.

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