Why you need fine cutlery

Quality is key

Ask any cook – professional or otherwise – and they'll tell you that putting together a meal without good knives will be a bad experience. There's no negotiation when it comes to working efficiently in the kitchen. You need a knife that's sharp, comfortable, reliable and long lasting.

They're sharp

Look for edges made of high-carbon, stainless steel. High carbon allows the knife to hold a sharp edge, while the stainless steel resists rust. Knives are typically sharpened to 20 to 22 degrees on each side or a thinner edge of 15 degrees. The thinner edge will produce a sharper blade, but for great performance, look for the right combination of the correct steel and the ideal edge angle.

They're comfortable

All knife handles aren't created equal. You'll need cutlery that's well-balanced with an ergonomically-designed handle that suits all sizes of hands, right or left-handed.

They're efficient

Forget the food processor! Sharp, comfortable knives make fast work of any meal prep.

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