How to Dice Carrots

How to Dice Carrots

When you are dicing carrots, always keep safety in mind. Because of their crunchy, dense texture and irregular shape, it’s important to use a sharp knife and know a few easy and safe techniques for doing it.

First of all, it’s best to work in manageable sizes. For example, if you’ve got an 8-inch long carrot, cut it down to two, 4-inch long pieces. It allows for more confidence while cutting.

For the best control, choose a sharp knife that is the right size for the carrot you’re cutting. We recommend a 7-5/8" Petite Chef, which is designed for easy slicing when moving the knife forward and down as you cut.

Once you’ve cut the carrot in half lengthwise, bring it to a flat surface to stabilize it on the cutting board. It’s safer and allows you to make more uniform cuts so the carrots cook evenly.

When it comes to peeling carrots, a Vegetable Peeler is invaluable. However, there’s no need to peel them. In fact, the area just below the surface of the peel contains the most nutrients. But, if you’re eating carrots raw or making glazed carrots, peeling them will remove that slightly bitter taste you get from the peel.

How to Dice Carrots

  1. Cut the carrot down to a manageable length of 3 to 4 inches.
  2. Place a 7-5/8" Petite Chef on the center of the carrot lengthwise, make a tunnel with your guide hand and carefully cut the carrot in half lengthwise, using a forward and down motion.
  3. Trim off the three rounded edges from each half to create a rectangle.
  4. Using the tunnel grip again, cut the rectangle in half lengthwise into planks.
  5. Cut the planks lengthwise again into sticks, rotate and cut crosswise to dice.

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