Choosing the Right Apple

Choosing the Right Apple

All apples are not created equal. They vary in sweetness and texture, which means that the variety you use for salads may not be what you would choose to make a pie. In the United States alone there are 2,500 varieties of apples, so how do you choose?

The best apple for eating, I think, is based on your own preference. I like crisp, tart apples, like Cortland and Empire. But if you’re looking for a sweet tart apple, look for varieties like Cortland or Honeycrisp. On the sweet side, choose Crispin, Empire, Fuji, Golden Delicious or Gala.

When it comes to using apples in recipes, some apples do work better than others. So, we pulled together this guide on how to choose the right apple to help you decipher what varieties work best for pies, applesauce and salads.

Apple guide.

How to Choose the Right Apple

Cortland: For pies, applesauce and salads

Crispin: For pies, applesauce and salads

Empire: For salads

Gala: For salads

Golden Delicious: For salads

Jonagold: For pies, applesauce and salads

Red Delicious: For salads

Honey Crisp: For salads

Pink Lady: For salads

Fuji: For salads

McIntosh: For applesauce

Macoun: For applesauce

20-ounce: For pies and applesauce

Granny Smith: For pies and applesauce

Idared: For pies and applesauce

When looking for the best knives for cutting apples, here are some that we recommend.

Many thanks to our friends at Miller’s Farm Market for supplying us with all the apples!

What’s your go-to apple of choice?

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