How to Cut Celery: Slice, Dice and Sticks

How to Cut Celery: Slice, Dice and Sticks

Because celery finds its way into so many dishes, it’s a good idea to know how to cut it efficiently. We say it all the time that uniformity matters when cutting vegetables, so they cook evenly or, if you’re adding them to a dish raw, that they are a nice-sized bite. So, when learning how to cut celery, keep that in mind.

Recommended Knife:

7" Santoku

Using a knife that’s sharp enough to cut through the strings that run along the stalk of celery is the key to success. The 7" Santoku knife is a good choice. It is sharp and designed for smooth slicing.

Before you Start

  1. Remove stalks and rinse under cold water to remove any dirt, and then trim off the top, just below the leaves, and the bottom.
  2. You can use a Vegetable Peeler to peel the strings from the stalks, but it’s not necessary. It’s more of a preference.

How to Slice Celery

  1. Starting at the root end, make slices crosswise to desired thickness. Stop at the joint at the leaf end.
  2. For bias slices, slice the stalk at an angle.

How to Dice Celery

  1. Using a 7" Santoku knife, make a series of slices down the length of the stalk from top to bottom, leaving the leaf end intact. Make the slices the width you desire for a large, medium or small dice.
  2. Slice crosswise to dice to desired size.

How to Cut Celery Sticks (Batons)

  1. As with dicing, make slices down the length of the stalk from top to bottom to desired thickness, leaving the leaf end intact.
  2. Cut crosswise to make celery sticks about 4 inches long or to your desired length.

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