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How to Cut an Avocado with a Spatula Spreader

Avocados are often considered one of those fruits and vegetables that are tricky to cut. But once you’ve perfected this technique, it takes no time at all.

As is the case with many foods, there are different knives you can use to cut an avocado, but what makes the Spatula Spreader a good choice is the non-sharp side of the blade. When cutting softer avocados in particular, that side can be used to easily and safely remove the flesh from the skin.

We consulted our friends at Alfred State College's Culinary Arts program for the best way to cut an avocado using the Spatula Spreader.

How to cut an avocado with the Spatula Spreader

  1. Using the sharp Double-D® edge of the blade, cut around the fruit lengthwise.
  2. Rotate the avocado 90 degrees and cut around the fruit again, creating quarters.
  3. Remove the quarters from the seed.
  4. Run the non-sharp side of the blade, between the flesh and skin to remove the flesh.
  5. Use the sharp edge again to slice and dice.
  6. Need an avocado mash? Just use a fork!

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