How to Cut an Avocado With a Spatula Spreader

How to Cut an Avocado With a Spatula Spreader

Avocados are often considered one of those foods that are tricky to cut, thanks in part to the big seed that rests in the middle of them. But once you’ve perfected how to cut an avocado, it takes no time at all.

As is the case with many foods, there are different knives you can use to cut an avocado, but what makes the Spatula Spreader a good choice is the non-sharp side of the blade. When cutting softer avocados, in particular, that side can be used to easily and safely remove the flesh from the skin.

Use the sharp Double-D® edge side of the blade to cut around the avocado on both sides to create quarters. Once the cuts are made, remove the quarters from the seed. It’s a much easier and safer way for removing the seed as opposed to cutting one in half and whacking a knife into the seed to remove it.

Other knives that would work well to cut an avocado are the 4" Gourmet Paring Knife or the 4" Paring Knife.

Our friend Chef Keith Glover from Alfred State College’s Culinary Arts program shared this technique on how to cut an avocado and it’s our favorite way to do it.

Learn how to cut other tricky fruits and vegetables by visiting our Knife Skills section where you’ll find videos like How to Cut a Mango and How to Cut Peaches.

How to cut an avocado with the Spatula Spreader

  1. Using the sharp Double-D® edge of the blade, cut around the fruit lengthwise.
  2. Rotate the avocado 90 degrees and cut around the fruit again, creating quarters.
  3. Remove the quarters from the seed.
  4. Run the non-sharp side of the blade, between the flesh and skin to remove the flesh.
  5. Use the sharp edge again to slice and dice.
  6. Need an avocado mash? Just use a fork!

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