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Infographic: How to Cut Leeks

You may think that a leek has a stem, but it’s really a series of leaves, called leaf sheaths, that are bundled around each other. Leeks are almost always dirty due to the way they’re grown. So when it comes to cutting them, cleaning them comes into play.

Because soil is packed up around leeks while they grow, dirt gets into its layers. So, while rinsing them before cutting is good, you’ll have to also rinse them after they’re cut.

A Vegetable Knife is a great prepping knife for leeks. Its sharp blade easily slices through all the leaf layers and you can use the wide blade to scoop the pieces up to toss into a bowl of cold water for cleaning.

Leeks have a mild onion-like flavor that adds a sweet, mellow taste to soups, gratins or quiche. They also pair well with lemon, cream, poultry and bacon.

How to Cut Leeks

  1. Using a Vegetable Knife, trim off the root end.
  2. Cut off the dark green tops of the leaves.
  3. Cut the leek in half lengthwise.
  4. Separate the leaves, drop them in a bowl of cold water and swish them around to remove the grit and dirt.

Note: If cutting leeks into thin rounds – after step 2 – thinly slice the leeks, separate the rings, toss into water and swish around to clean.

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