What Makes Knives Go Dull: 6 Things to Avoid

What Makes Knives Go Dull: 6 Things to Avoid

There are some misconceptions about what makes knives go dull. You might think it’s the food you’re cutting, but that’s really not the cause. Understanding what can dull a sharp edge and avoiding it will help keep your knives performing at their best.

Even under regular use, all knives dull over time. However, there are ways to extend the time between having to sharpen them.

Here are six things that can dull your knives. Avoid these and your knives will thank you.

1. Never cut on glass, ceramic or countertops. Those surfaces are harder than a knife’s edge and will quickly dull the blade. It’s what you cut on that dulls knives, not what you’re cutting.

Cutting on a ceramic plate.

2. Sharpen your knives from time to time for regular maintenance. Straight-edge knives can be sharpened at home. If they start to drag a bit while cutting, that’s the time to do it. Knives with the Double-D® edges can be factory sharpened but should stay sharp for years before that’s necessary.

Using a sharpener to sharpen a Petite Chef.

3. Don’t store sharp knives loose in a drawer. Not only is that dangerous, but the knife blades can bang up against other things, damaging the edges. Store knives in woodblocks, trays or sheaths to protect the edges.

Knives in a drawer

4. Never, ever use your knives for anything other than what they were intended. Don’t use them as a screwdriver or hammer. Not only is it dangerous, but it can also damage your knives.

Misusing a Trimmer.

5. Don’t wash quality kitchen knives in a dishwasher. Cutco Knives are dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing. Knives' sharp edges get jostled around in a dishwasher which can cause dulling. There is also the concern about the knife becoming stuck in the washing mechanism.

6. When scraping food from a cutting board, don’t use the sharp side of the knife. I know you’ll be tempted, but take that quick moment and turn the knife so you’re scraping with the back side of the knife.

Scraping food with the sharp edge of a knife.

There you have it. You probably never knew there was so much to know about what make knives go dull. Follow the simple tips above and you’ll find you’ll be able to extend the time between sharpening.

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