Outdoor Product Care

Tips on how to keep Cutco outdoor products performing like new forever.

Outdoor Knives

Pocket knives

  • To Clean: Turn blade away from you. Wipe with a damp cloth taking care not to cut yourself. Dry promptly. Store in sheath provided or fold back into case.
  • DO NOT use knife as a screwdriver, prying device, hammer or saw for cutting through nails, bolts or bones.
  • Cutco knives are made from high-carbon, stainless steel which will remain sharp for many years under normal use. However, when they need sharpening see instructions for Sharpening Double-D® Recessed Edges and Sharpening Straight-edged Knives.

Folding Knives


Keep your knife oiled at the joint where the blade and handle meet. To help maintain smooth opening and closing, use a lightweight oil, such as WD40®.

Sharpening Double-D® Recessed Edges

Double D

These products have a unique edge configuration: a series of three cutting edges with a concave grind. They are designed to stay sharp for many years under normal household use. When they do need sharpening, DO NOT use the Cutco Sharpener or any other sharpening service. It will ruin the special edge. Send them back to the Cutco factory. We will put a factory-fresh edge on each knife for you free of charge. You pay only a nominal shipping and handling fee.

Sharpening Straight-edged Knives

Cutco knives with straight edges require periodic sharpening to maintain optimum performance. We recommend our Cutco Sharpener, but any sharpening stone, steel or other sharpening device may be used. As with all quality knives, we recommend that you regularly take the time to refresh the edge with the sharpener as soon as you notice the knife beginning to dull. You may also send these knives back to Cutco for free sharpening. You pay only a nominal shipping and handling fee. Or, for in-home service, contact us for a Certified Service Professional.

Garden Tools

Garden Tools

  • Wipe with a damp cloth after each use. Dry promptly.

Bypass Pruners

Bypass Pruners

  • Wash in warm, soapy water. Using an old toothbrush works well. Dry thoroughly. Then oil the metal surfaces (blades, blade pivot joint lock and spring) with a light, multi-purpose lubricating oil. Store in closed position.
  • DO NOT cut wire or metal with the pruner blades as it will damage the cutting edge and void the guarantee.

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