The Cheese Knife is More Than Just a Cheese Knife

The Cheese Knife is More Than Just a Cheese Knife

If there is one product that our customers tell us they use for everything, it is the cheese knife. Cutco makes four different styles of them and they all get rave reviews. And, their feedback tells us that the cheese knife is more than just a cheese knife.

“Amazing knife,” said online reviewer, Midland Mimi. “I know it’s classified as a ‘cheese’ knife but it’s my favorite go-to knife for slicing tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers. You name it, this knife goes through like butter.”

With that kind of reaction, we decided to lay out how, exactly, the cheese knife is more than just a cheese knife.

First, the Cheese

What makes all of Cutco’s cheese knives great for cutting cheese is their Micro Double-D™ cutting edge. It’s a condensed version of our Double-D® edge, which is ultra-sharp and cuts without ripping or tearing.

Another feature of these knives is the perforated blade. The holes along the blade reduce friction and prevent cheese and starchy food from sticking.

The Traditional Cheese Knife is perfect for cutting cheese into thin slices.

The Cheese KnifeTraditional Cheese Knife and the Mini Cheese Knife also feature a rounded tip for spreading soft cheeses.

So what else can you use a cheese knife for?

A Tomato Knife

Tomato knife is at the top of the list when people talk about other uses for a cheese knife. Our original Cheese Knife and the Traditional Cheese Knife are fantastic tomato knives. The sharp Micro Double-D™ edge easily slices through the skin of the tomato and into the flesh without squishing the fruit. Their length is a good size for medium to large tomatoes.

Thinly slicing tomato with a Traditional Cheese Knife.

The Santoku-Style Cheese Knife and Mini Cheese Knife would be great for smaller grape or cherry tomatoes.

A Potato Knife

You wouldn’t think to grab a cheese knife when cutting a potato, but this knife is a great potato knife. Again, it’s due to its design. The sharp edge easily cuts through dense potatoes and the holes along the blade prevent the starchy, watery pieces from sticking.

Cutting the potatoes with a Traditional Cheese Knife.

The longer Cheese Knife and Traditional Cheese Knife would both work well for medium to large potatoes, while the Mini Cheese Knife and Santoku-Style Cheese Knife would be great for new or baby potatoes.


A Citrus Knife

Slicing citrus is another task you can use cheese knives for. The features of the knives allow for making slices as thick or as thin as you want. The blade easily cuts through the rind and into the juicy flesh without wavering.

Grab the right length knife for what you’re cutting. The Mini Cheese Knife, for example, is great size for slicing lemons and limes.

Use the Mini Cheese Knife to slice the lime.

Other things our customers use the various cheese knives for are root vegetables, cured meats, dried fruits and kiwi. Honestly the list goes on and on.

It’s clear to see that the cheese knife is more than just a cheese knife. It really is a multi-use kitchen tool.

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