How To Slice a Radish

How To Slice a Radish

Radishes are a versatile root vegetable that often get overlooked as an ingredient. Growing up I mostly remember just eating them raw with a dash of salt, but they can be roasted, sautéed and even pickled.

Choosing the Knife

Knowing how to slice a radish is more about the type of knife to use than the technique. Because radishes are generally small, choose a knife with a blade that matches their width. Having a sharp, straight-edge blade and comfortable handle are also important for offering more control while cutting.

Cutco’s 4″ Vegetable Knife is our choice for the job.

Raw radishes have a sharp, peppery flavor, but when roasted or sautéed they mellow out, reducing their bite and enhancing their sweetness. You can lightly season them before cooking and serve them as a side dish.

Pickled radishes can tone down their sharpness, resulting in a sweet and sour flavor. They’re the perfect topper for tacos or hamburgers.

With all those options, here is how to slice a radish so you can start eating more of them.

How To Slice a Radish

  1. Wash radishes to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Use a 4″ Vegetable Knife to trim off the root end.
  3. Use the same knife to trim off the stem end.
  4. With the radish sitting flat on the cut side, slice to desired thickness.
  5. Prep note: When selecting radishes look for those with bright color and smooth skin, with no blemishes.

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