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How to Dice a Tomatillo

It’s time to add more tomatillos to your life. These bright, fruity fruits (yes, they’re a fruit) add an herbal, tart flavor to salsas and sauces.

Cutting a tomatillo is similar to cutting a tomato, however, there are some nuances you should know about. First, tomatillos are covered in a papery husk that you need to remove. Once removed, they have a sticky residue coating their surface that you’ll have to rinse away with cool water.

To dice a tomatillo choose a sharp utility knife, like Cutco’s Trimmer. The knife’s Double-D® recessed cutting edge will easily slice through the skin and into the flesh. Then, it’s a matter of cutting the tomatillos to whatever size you need.

Used raw, tomatillos can add a citrus-y flavor to salsas, while cooking them into sauces or soups mellows their flavor a bit. They’re perfect for Mexican cooking and pair really well with cilantro.

How to Dice a Tomatillo

  1. Remove the papery outer husk of the tomatillo and rinse to remove the sticky residue.
  2. Rest the tomatillo on the cutting board, stem-side up and use a Trimmer to slice.
  3. Stack the slices and cut into strips.
  4. Rotate the slices and cut crosswise to dice.

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