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10 Kitchen Holiday Gift Ideas from Cutco

Kitchen tools make great holiday gifts. After all, who doesn't eat, even if it's just toast and cereal? Kitchen knives and utensils are a practical gift, but they're gifts you'll be remembered for each time your gift recipient summons their inner chef.

If you're planning to give a gift of kitchen knives for the holidays, here are some ideas for giving.

1. Bundle your favorite knife with a family recipe and an accompanying family story. It's a gift that will be useful, memorable and thoughtful.


2. Give a Chef's Knife with a subscription to your favorite meal kit delivery service. Dinner is on you, even though they'll prepare it themselves.


3. Give a Kitchen Classics Set, which has the top three knives people want in their kitchen. Include a gift certificate for a local cooking or knife skills class.


4. Does your recipient already have Cutco? Consider giving knife Sheaths. They will provide safe storage and a convenient way to transport knives.


5. Kitchen Shears, Vegetable Peelers, Trimmers and Cutting Boards make a great gift for the foodie on your list. Even if they already have them, you can always use more than one.


6. Have a knife engraved with a special phrase that's meaningful to the recipient.


7. Buy a Cutco Gift Card and let them choose what they want.


8. Combine a Cheese Knife with a variety of cheeses. Choose a mix of mild and strong cheeses and consider adding some crackers and accompaniments like spicy mustard, fig jam or pickles.


9. Make soup mix in a jar and include a 5" Petite Santoku Knife a Ladle and/or Teaspoons.


10. Sidestep superstition by including a penny in a gift containing sharp knives. According to superstition giving a coin with a gift of a sharp knife allows the recipient to give the coin back to you buy the friendship back after it's been “severed.”


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