How To Safely Store Kitchen Knives

How To Safely Store Kitchen Knives

How you treat your kitchen knives matters. Some of the things you can do to ensure longevity and peak performance are to keep them sharp, wash them by hand and store them properly.

Storing kitchen knives correctly keeps their edges safe from dulling, but also keeps your fingers safe from injury when reaching for a knife.

There are many storage choices out there and each has their own advantages.

Wood Blocks

Wood blocks seem to be the standard for knife storage. They’re attractive and functional, making them a great option. Cutco offers blocks that hold anywhere from four to 32 knives.

Placing knife in wood block.

Cutco’s knife blocks are made of sturdy oak and provide slots for specific knives. To find out what knives fit in which slots, visit the wood block templates page on our website.

A big advantage to wood blocks is that they allow knives to be at-the-ready on the counter. However, one storage block we offer allows for some versatility on where it can be placed. The Space Saver Set Block holds five knives and can be adjusted to place on the counter, lay flat in a drawer or hung on a wall.


Another adaptable storage option Cutco offers is knife storage trays. They can be placed in a drawer or hung on a wall to free up counter space.

Placing knife in tray.

Cutco has two knife tray options. One is the 5-Pc. Knife & Fork Tray, which can hold a varied assortment of knives. To find out what knives fit in each slot, click here. There is also a 4-Pc. Table Knife Tray for safely storing Table Knives.


Sheaths are a convenient storage option for individual knives. Ours are designed to fit specific knives and click securely into place for added safety.

Storage sheaths protect the sharp edge of the knife, preventing it from coming into contact with other kitchen utensils when stored in a drawer. They also keep you safe when reaching into a drawer to retrieve a knife.

Putting knife in a sheath.

Another advantage of sheaths is portability. A sheathed knife can be safely and easily transported when you want to take your knives with you when traveling.

For the longevity of your kitchen knives, storage is a key consideration. Learn how to safely store your kitchen knives to help keep them performing at their peak for years of easy food preparation.

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