How to Mince Ginger

How to Mince Ginger

The more I cook, the more I find I like using fresh ingredients. They just taste better and – well – are fresher! Learn how to mince ginger and you’ll discover just how much flavor it provides.

I always looked at ginger as the powder you added to baked goods (gingerbread is one of my absolute favorites), but it’s so much more. Fresh ginger adds a deep, warm, spicy and slightly sweet flavor to a variety of dishes, from savory to sweet.

It’s readily available in grocery stores and, despite its gnarly appearance, is really easy to prepare. A sharp knife, like a large paring knife or small prep knife, is a great choice, but I like using the 5" Petite Santoku knife since I can slice the ginger with it and then mince it using the slightly rounded belly of the blade to rock chop.

To peel the ginger root, you could use a Vegetable Peeler, but because of its papery texture, a teaspoon is really all you need. Just scraped the spoon across the skin and it will come right off. The experts say you really don’t even have to peel the ginger if you don’t want to. Ginger’s soft texture is also easy to grate if a recipe calls for that.

In our how to mince ginger tutorial below we show you just how easy it is to prepare it to add a spicy, warm and slightly peppery flavor to your recipes.

Now, grab a sharp knife, follow these easy steps for mincing ginger and you’ll find yourself adding it to more and more dishes.

How to Mince Ginger

  1. Use a Teaspoon to scrape away the papery skin of the ginger root.
  2. Use a 5" Petite Santoku to trim the sides of the root creating a neat block, and then slice the ginger.
  3. Cut the slices into sticks, rotate and cut crosswise to dice.
  4. Draw the diced ginger into a pile and rock the 5" Petite Santoku knife over the pile to mince to desired size.

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