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How to Cut Apples

There’s more than one way to cut an apple, but this method is great for using in cakes, crisps and cobblers. It creates larger chunks of apples for recipes requiring a longer baking time.

For peeling the apple, you can use either a Vegetable Peeler or a Paring Knife. However, when cutting apples, make sure to use the right size knife for the size apple you’re cutting.

Watch culinary trainer Lynn Novo show you how to cut an apple, using Cutco’s 4" Paring Knife.

How to Cut Apples

  1. Peel the apple using a 4" Paring Knife.
  2. Slice off the ends of the apple.
  3. Lay the apple flat on the cutting board and use a tunnel grip to cut the apple in half.
  4. Lay the halves down flat on the cutting board and cut them in half, so you have four quarters.
  5. Place the quarters flat on the cutting board, angle the knife and cut away the core.
  6. Rotate the quarters and cut them crosswise into desired size.

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