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Grilled Cheese Dippers

For National Grilled Cheese month we wanted to shake up the traditional grilled cheese with some fun flavors and a new way to eat them. Enter grilled cheese dippers!

It's as easy as making your favorite grilled cheese and then grabbing a pizza cutter to make strips of sandwich for easy soup dipping. It's a fun and kid-friendly way to eat a grilled cheese sandwich.


As for making the grilled cheese itself, we offer these tips:

Pick the right type of bread: Be careful not to use bread slices that are too thick or your cheese might not get heated enough to melt.

Pick the right cheese: Pick cheese that melts well like American, Gruyere, Cheddar or Swiss.

Add other ingredients: Pick ingredients that will complement the cheese, but not overwhelm it.

Butter or not: Experiment with the flavors on the outside of the bread. Instead of butter, try mayonnaise or even flavored mayonnaise.

Here are our variations on grilled cheese:

grilled-cheese-dipper-5Monterey Jack with minced jalapeño on sourdough bread.

grilled-cheese-dipper-7Gruyere with grilled onions and mushrooms on Italian bread.

grilled-cheese-dipper-10Sharp Cheddar with sliced avocado using Sriracha-flavored mayonnaise on Italian bread.

How do you like your grilled cheese?

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