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12 Great Uses for Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears have become an invaluable tool in my kitchen. I didn't realize how important they were until I owned my first pair of Cutco Super Shears.

They're indispensable for opening difficult packaging, but they're extremely useful for so much more.

1. Snip chives for salads and soupssuper-shears-uses-32. Snip florets from broccoli.super-shears-uses-83. Chop herbs in a glasssuper-shears-uses-144. Section a whole chickensuper-shears-uses-135. Make noodles bite-sized and kid-friendlysuper-shears-uses-106. Cut pizzasuper-shears-uses-157. Cut raw bacon into piecessuper-shears-uses-218. Chop tomatoes right in the cansuper-shears-uses-209. Make tortilla chipssuper-shears-uses-610. Cut large marshmallows into piecessuper-shears-uses-911. Section grapessuper-shears-uses-2312. Cut refrigerator biscuits into smaller piecessuper-shears-uses-11

The possibilities for kitchen shears are endless. These ideas only take into account what they can do in the kitchen. Try them out in the garage or garden for cutting twine, zip ties, mulch bags and more.

When choosing kitchen shears, look for some that are durable with good cutting power, and whose blades come apart for easy cleaning like Cutco's Super Shears.

What other uses do you have for your kitchen shears?

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