Learn The Basics of Making Risotto

Learn The Basics of Making Risotto

Once you know the basics of making risotto, you’ll be making this classic Italian rice dish again and again. It’s really easy to do, it just requires time and a lot of stirring to allow the warm broth to absorb into the rice, making it rich and creamy.

Recommended Tool: Ladle

With its ½-cup scoop, the Ladle works great for ladling in hot broth to make risotto. It’s also perfect for serving soup, stew and chili.

Before You Start

  • Warm your broth before you start cooking, adding a cold liquid to the rice will shock it and stop the starches from being released (which is what gives risotto its creaminess).
  • Use an Italian short-grained rice, like Arborio rice, for its high starch content.
  • Cook your add-ins before adding them to the base risotto and mix them in at the end of the cooking process.

The Basics of Making Risotto

  1. The base of a risotto typically consists of minced onion, garlic, salt and pepper. You could also use shallots or leeks.
  2. Saute the vegetables in butter or olive oil until slightly translucent.
  3. Add the rice and stir constantly until the rice is toasted and warm.
  4. Add wine (red or white, depending on what type of risotto you are cooking) and stir until evaporated.
  5. Add warmed broth one ladle at a time, stirring constantly, cooking down the liquid until it’s absorbed. You want the rice to be plump with a creamy sauce.
  6. Add your additional ingredients (mushrooms, asparagus, peas, etc.) when the rice is almost done. This ensures the add-ins do not become mushy or over-cooked.
  7. When the risotto is cooked (the rice should be mostly soft with a small bite), add some butter and Parmesan cheese to finish the dish.

Try These Risotto Recipes

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