6 Clever Ways to Use a Vegetable Peeler

Don’t look at your Vegetable Peeler as just a potato peeler. It really can do so much more. Its sharp dual blade creates thin slices of a variety of foods.

Here are six different ways to use your peeler.

  1. Make vegetable curls for salads, soups or garnishes

    Use the peeler to make thin ribbons of asparagus, cucumber or carrots. Use the ribbons as the salad itself, or use them as a salad topper.

  2. Create chocolate shavings

    Elevate your dessert game. Run the peeler along a chocolate bar to create shavings to place on cakes, cookies and other confections.

  3. Shave Parmesan cheese

    When a recipe calls for shaved Parmesan, reach for a peeler. Run it along a block of fresh Parmesan to make cheese curls to add to salads or pasta.

  4. Shave thin slices of onion

    When you just want a little bite of onion in salads and soups, use the Vegetable Peeler to peel thin slices.

  5. Create garnishes for cocktails

    Use it to peel off a thin strip of orange, lemon or grapefruit skin – avoiding the white pith. Slightly bend the peel to release the oils and drop it into a cocktail.

  6. Shave pieces of hard butter

    When the butter is too hard to spread, grab a Vegetable Peeler to shave off strips of butter for easy spreading.

A Vegetable Peeler is also a great kitchen gadget for getting kids involved in cooking, with adult supervision. The dual blades on Cutco’s Vegetable Peeler are sharp, so make sure kids are holding the food they’re peeling above where they’ll be running the peeler, and have them peel away from themselves.

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