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Sharpening & Repair

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All CUTCO products are covered with the Forever Guarantee. CUTCO knives will remain sharp for many years, but after extended use they may need to be factory sharpened.

In Home Sharpening

Have your Vector Sales Representative sharpen your CUTCO knives in the comfort of your home.

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Factory Sharpening

Send us your well-used CUTCO. We'll sharpen and refresh your knives and mail them back.

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Broken tip? Mail any CUTCO product for repair services.

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How do I return product for service?

How To Safely Package Your Product

Caution CAUTION: When covering product, avoid using tape directly on the blades and handles. When shipping product, do not use padded envelopes.


  • Please be sure to properly clean the product prior to packaging.
  • To ensure the safety of everyone who handles your shipment, it is important the blades be well protected. Cover the entire blade and tip of the knife with cardboard (cereal box cardboard works well). Avoid using tape directly on the blades and handles.
  • Place them in a cardboard box with extra packing material to keep them secure during shipping.
  • Insure your package for its current retail value and save your receipt. CUTCO is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Attach any money due to your printed confirmation.

How much does it cost?

Request Service

The cost for sharpening service is free however there is a nominal return shipping/handling fee.

# Knives/Accessories Shipping/Handling
1-3 items $7.00
4 or more $10.00

Please make your check payable to CUTCO and attach it to your printed confirmation.

Where do I mail my knives?

United States

CUTCO Cutlery Sharpening/Repair
322 Houghton Avenue
Olean, NY 14760



CUTCO Cutlery Returns
2172 Wyecroft Rd, Unit #1
Oakville, ON L6L 6R1


In Person

CUTCO Visitors Center
1040 East State Street
Olean, NY 14760


How long will it take?

After your CUTCO is received in Olean, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for the processing and return of your products. You may call Customer Service at 1-800-828-0448 for a time estimate.

What type of edges do CUTCO knives have?

Straight-Edge Knives

CUTCO knives with straight edges require periodic sharpening to maintain optimum performance. We recommend using our CUTCO Sharpener to touch up the edges as soon as you notice the knife beginning to dull. You may also send these knives back to CUTCO for factory-fresh sharpening.

DD® Edges

These products have a unique edge configuration: a three-way cutting edge with a concave grind. They are designed to stay sharp for many years under normal household use. When they need sharpening, do not use the CUTCO Sharpener or any other sharpening service. It will ruin the special edge. Send them back to CUTCO and we will put a factory-fresh edge on each knife.

How do I keep my knives sharp?

Proper product care will help ensure your knives will remain sharp for many years.

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Should you have further questions please call CUTCO Customer Service, 1-800-828-0448
or e-mail us.

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