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Stubborn soil is no match for this tool. Pointed, staggered tines won't bend or break.

  • Guaranteed Forever
    Like all CUTCO products, the Cultivator is guaranteed forever.
5/5 Stars


“This tool works better than the ones you can get at a hardware store. It was so effective I bought a second one for my son to use.”

Victoria in CA

  • Head materialType 420J2 Low-Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Handle materialPolypropelene handle covered by thermoplastic elastomer
  • Overall length11-1/4"
  • Country of originMade in China
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Wrap fingers around handle allowing each finger to fall into one of five fingergrips. Let thumb rest comfortably on the thumb rest on top of the tool to hold your hand securely in place.

Break up compacted soil and clay; dislodge stones; clear away weeds; prepare garden for planting.