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About CUTCO Cutlery & Vector Marketing

CUTCO Cutlery is the largest manufacturer and marketer of high-quality kitchen cutlery and accessories in the United States and Canada. Vector Marketing is the exclusive marketer of CUTCO products, which are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada by authorized sales representatives. Both CUTCO Cutlery and Vector Marketing are subsidiaries of CUTCO Corporation.


The CUTCO Corporate family consists of:

  • CUTCO Corporation - the parent company
  • CUTCO Cutlery Corporation - manufacturer of CUTCO since 1949
  • CUTCO International, Inc. - markets CUTCO internationally
  • Vector Marketing Corporation - exclusive marketer of CUTCO directly to consumers via sales representatives in the U.S. and Canada
  • KA-BAR Knives, Inc. - maker of quality sporting knives

All are located in Olean, New York.

  • Schilling Forge - manufacturer of precision forgings - located in Syracuse, NY.

Company Structure

Facts & Figures

  • More than 100 kitchen cutlery products are sold under the CUTCO name, as well as a variety of kitchen gadgets, utensils and flatware. The company also carries a line of cookware, sporting and pocket knives and garden tools.
  • CUTCO has been purchased by more than 16 million satisfied customers.
  • Over 700 manufacturing and administrative people are employed at the CUTCO/Vector headquarters in Olean, N.Y.
  • CUTCO products are marketed directly, by appointment only, to consumers in the convenience of their homes, at fairs and shows, and sold in specialty CUTCO retail stores.

Executive Officers

  • James E. Stitt - Chairman, CEO and President, CUTCO Corporation
  • Brent A. Driscoll - Executive Vice President Administration and Finance, CUTCO Corporation
  • James M. Stitt - President, CUTCO Cutlery Corporation
  • Carey F. Litteer - Executive Vice President, CUTCO Cutlery Corporation
  • John W. Whelpley - President and COO, Vector Marketing Corporation
  • Albert T. DiLeonardo - CEO and President Vector East, Vector Marketing Corporation
  • Bruce S. Goodman - CEO and President Vector West, Vector Marketing Corporation
  • Mark D. Heister - CFO, Vector Marketing Corporation
  • Amar Davé - Executive Vice President Eastern Region, Vector Marketing, Corporation

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