How to Carve a Turkey or a Chicken

How-To Videos


  1. Insert Carving Fork into the meaty part of the drumstick to hold it firmly. Place Carving Knife between drumstick and thigh, and cut through skin to joint (Figure 1). Next, place Carving Knife between thigh and body and cut through skin to joint. Remove entire leg section by pulling outward and using the point of the knife to disjoin it. Then separate the thigh from the drumstick at the joint.
  2. Disjoint wing and separate from body in the same manner.
  3. Make a horizontal base cut across the bottom of the breast with the Carving Knife.
  4. Starting parallel to the breastbone, slice diagonally through the meat down to the horizontal base cut. Lift off each slice, holding it between the knife and fork. Continue slicing the breast by beginning at a higher point each time until the chest bone is reached .