How to Carve Pot Roast

With Bones

  1. Carving a large roast, hold meat in place with the Carving Fork. Cut between muscles and around bones with the tip of the Carving Knife to remove one solid section of pot roast at a time. Try to separate solid pieces of meat at natural dividing seams.
  2. After removing a section, turn it on its side so that the meat fibers are parallel to the platter. This makes it possible to carve across grain of meat.
  3. Holding meat with Carving Fork, carve slices about 1/4" thick using the Carving Knife.


  1. Hold meat firmly with Carving Fork and make slices perpendicular to cutting board or platter with Slicer.
  2. Use the Turning Fork and Petite Carver if roast is small.
  3. This procedure is used for carving most rolled roasts (except rolled rib roast) and other boneless roasts, including canned ham, turkey roll, etc.