From the Garden with Barbara Snow

Cutco is excited to partner with cooking instructor Barbara Snow. She’s sharing her easy and delicious recipe ideas along with tips to help make you more comfortable in the kitchen.

“The more you learn about cooking, the more there is to know. Having the right knives makes cooking fun and allows you to be adventurous.”

Easy Saturday Night Chicken

Easy Saturday Night Meal

“Cooking up easy dishes from the bounty of the garden, like this Easy Saturday Night Chicken with Baked Zucchini, allows you to spend more time with friends and family outside.”

Wedge Salad

Salad Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

“A wedge salad can be full of surprises when you use what you have on hand from the garden to garnish it.”

Wedge Salad

A Classic Favorite

“For your next housewarming party, use fresh tomatoes from the garden to make this bruschetta and bring along a Cutco Cheese Knife as a gift. It’s a knife they will use forever.”

Beets and Watermelon

Staples With a Twist

“Don’t be intimidated by the tough exterior of root vegetables – just make sure to use the right knife with a sharp edge.”

Garlic Bruschetta

A Fresh Take on Snacking

“Preparing appetizers doesn’t mean you have to be in the kitchen all day. This colorful spread of vegetables and dip is beautiful and tasty.”

Appetizers should be easy. What’s great about these simple appetizers from Barbara is that they’re delicious, look amazing and when you use Cutco, barely take any time at all.

Peach Cobbler

Sweet & Simple

The best dishes are easy to make and taste great. It’s also a plus when you already have the ingredients in your pantry. Other than possibly having to run out to pick up some fresh fruit, this peach cobbler recipe has all of that. Use a Cutco Paring Knife for complete control during prep time.