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The Trimmer is a knife that's perfect for thinly slicing tomatoes, sectioning citrus or trimming fat.

The trimmer, a Cutco customer favorite, it's a utility knife that's great for trimming, cutting, slicing and carving. It's well used around the kitchen. This just glides right through the grapefruit itself. To go ahead and get to those grapefruit segments, that can sometimes be a little tricky. As we go through this, we get right to the flesh and we get nice clean strokes. As it just glides right through the grapefruit.

And as we do this, we want to take the knife and we go through and it just pushes right gently through the flesh of the grapefruit making it so much easier to create that breakfast treat. And all we do is we go around the grapefruit, going in between the lines, how easy that makes it for you?

And then we go ahead and we line this up around the bowl. And if you want, you can garnish it with a strawberry, just make that extra touch special. Now I'm going to make a BLT, using the trimmer. And obviously we start with a chips, which is the most important part.

But here we have the ingredients and as we bring them out. It's a very very simple sandwich to make but again the trimmer makes it that much easier. What we do is we go ahead and take our 2 pieces of toasted bread to your preference. We go ahead and lay our lettuce down, put our bacon on top and now we take the tomato and using the trimmer, with its double D, recess edge, we glide through the fruit, making it easy, so we don't bruise it.

And it's great because it really goes through even the ripest of tomatoes. So then we go ahead and lay our tomatoes right on top and then with our utility knife, what a great way to smear that mayo right over the bread.

As it goes through the sandwich making a very clean and easy cut and then we go ahead and serve it up.

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