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Super Shears

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Super Shears are kitchen shears that can do everything from snipping delicate herbs to opening stubborn packaging.

Here is a tool that you sure to want in your kitchen, the Super Shears. My personal favorite. This is great for either cutting fresh herbs, open up a potato bag or just for those little jobs around the house. This tool is great whether you're left handed or right handed. And you know what, it's so easy to use. Take it right apart, go right in the dish washer and keep it clean.

When you want to make that salad and you just want to add a little fresh herbs or scallions into it. Take and it just glides right through the herbs and put it right into the salad. How easy does that make it? And if you want to break down your chicken and serve that half roasted chicken and take out the back of a chicken, this is great. Run the shears through the back of it. So easy to use.

My personal favorite, especially during the summer is king crab and what tool can you use to do it better than this.

Take your crab, place it in a towel safely so the spikes don't get you and then take your shears and just gently pass through and it cuts right through very easily and smoothly, to create a great dish and make all your friends really happy.

The super shears are a must have in the kitchen but you can use them throughout the whole home.

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