Paring Knife

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Paring Knives for intricate peeling, paring and slicing.

Paring knife, the most familiar knife in the kitchen, actually is the one that has to stand up to the toughest challenges. Usually the daily tasks that require the intricate handling. Here we have three different kind of knives. One been the 2 and 3 quarter paring knife. The 4 inch and the bird's beak, each one can handle the task very well.

The bird's beak is always really a great knife to handle because it actually handles curved fruit really really well, especially for the peeling.

To go into the fruit, gently go in and turn the fruit around and around, pulling the knife towards your thumb. What it makes really easy process with this knife. And again whether you're peeling an apple or you're going to a mango. It gets that job done really fast, rather than reaching for the peeler.

And again using a mango, taking it and going on the curve of the fruit, using your bird's beak to again accomplish that goal, smooth, fast and easy.

When peeling the mango you always want to make sure to use the length of it. Actually the wider part is the part that's edible, the narrow part is where the nut lies.

So again following it with your knife, going across into that direction and actually just turning the fruit all the way around. Makes a tricky fruit just so easy, especially with this knife that handles our curves of a mango so well.

Now we have our fruit, whether you want to use the bird's knife or another paring knife. We go ahead and we slice, leaving the nut in the center and then we can always trim up and then using the tip of the paring knife to get those slices, maybe for garnishing or fan, to present on top o

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