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Cutco's Service

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Julie G. shares Cutco's committment to service.

We had a customer call in, that her parents had Cutco for years and she actually received it when her parents died. So she was just thrilled to have this family here in Olean to be able to pass it down to her children. It was well used and so when she sent it in, we polished it and sharpened it up and returned it back to her and she called in to thank us because it meant more than just a knife in her kitchen. This was something that her parents, her mother and father made meals every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner for them as growing up and that was something that she had in her own home to share those good memories.

In the call center there is about 30 representatives right now on the phones and they are a really close nit group. Many of them have worked together between 10 and 15 years and they truly are second family.

I'm Julie Growth, I'm from Olean, New York and I've worked for 19 years at Cutco and I feel very fortunate to be part of this great organization.

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