How to Cut a Mango

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Fresh mangoes are delicious but cutting them can be a real challenge. They have a big seed in the center and if you peel them, the flesh is quite slippery. But here is a safe and easy way to cut a mango.

Set the mango on your board with the wide part on your board.

Make a little leveling cut on the bottom, so that it stands up steadily.

Then make a cut from the top to bottom and since the seed is in the center, make that cut starting just off center.

Follow along the seed, curving your knife if need be, around the seed.

Then use a tea towel to protect you hand. Put the half of mango in your hand and make cuts in it. Cutting through the flesh but not all the way through the skin.

Then make cross cuts the other direction.

Then take your mango piece and flex the skin, so all the cubes of mango pop out.

Then they are easy to just cut off like that.

There you have it an easy and safe way to cut a mango.

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