How to Dice Butternut Squash

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Butternut squash is delicious but its odd shape and tough skin make cutting it up a challenge. Here is the way I like to chop up a butternut squash.

Use a sturdy heavy knife, like this vegetable knife.

Cut off both ends.

Then make a cross-wise cut right where the neck meets the rounded bottom part that holds the seeds.

Now cut your bottom half, in half to reveal the seeds.

Use a spoon to scope out the seeds.

Then peel the skin of the squash using a paring knife. I like using this 4 inch long paring knife, it gives you plenty of room to work with.

And then, lay your cut side down on the board and cut cross-wise slices. About a half an inch to an inch thick.

Then you can stick you your slices in order to make large dice or cut your neck part of your squash into nice stick slices as well.

And there you have it, diced butternut squashed.

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