What is the best cleaver?

The best Cleaver strikes a delicate balance between power and precision. This large knife is intended for hacking through bone and cleanly separating ribs with its ultra-sharp, heavy blade. Comes with high-quality sheath.

What to look for in a meat cleaver?

  • Heft
    Tough kitchen jobs are made easier with a thicker, weightier blade. The extra steel gives it reinforcement, making it stronger and meatier than others.
  • Ultra sharp straight edge
    The 35-degree inclusive angle and razor-sharp edge produces smooth slicing and allows you to chop straight through whatever you're cutting rather than using a sawing motion. Cutco straight-edge knives can be maintained and sharpened at home.
  • Full tang
    Provides strength and balance with the blade extending the full length of the handle. The triple rivet construction securely attaches the handle to the blade and the nickel silver rivets will resist pitting and tarnishing. Rivets are also flush with the handle for comfort and durability.


  • Disjoint poultry
  • Tenderize beef
  • Break down/crack spareribs


  • Cut frozen meats
  • Process venison
  • Tenderize chicken breasts
  • Crack lobsters