Cutco Cookware

This cookware features a heat-conducting aluminum core throughout, surrounding your food with an even temperature to cook it from all sides simultaneously, from the bottom up, the sides in, and when the cover is on, from the top down for greater efficiency. The result is faster food preparation - and better tasting meals.

Cookware Cooking Guide

5-ply Construction

  • The inside layer is T-304 stainless steel. The outside layer is 430 magnetic steel which allows the cookware to be used on induction stovetops. The stainless steel layers encase an inner core of 3 layers of aluminum, one of the best heat conductors available, for even temperature distribution.
  • Stainless steel is non-porous, extremely sanitary, and corrosion resistant.
  • Dishwasher-safe, cleans easily, and keeps its luster year after year.
  • For maximum durability and a lifetime of superior performance.

Perfect-Fit Cover

  • Sits on the shoulder of the pans to form a vapor seal that locks in natural flavor, nutrients and moisture.

Stay-Cool Knob

  • Easy to grasp, with special non-slip texture.
  • Finger guards to protect fingertips from contact with hot lids.

Sure-Grip Handle

  • Black phenolic handles feature ergonomic design for comfort and safety.
  • Special flameguard keeps handle cool.
  • Professional style Gourmet Fry Pans feature stainless handles that stay comfortable to the touch while cooking.
  • Hanging loop offers storage option.

Available Cookware

Accomplished Chef Cookware Set

includes 18 pieces


Dedicated Chef Cookware Set

includes 12 pieces


Aspiring Chef Cookware Set

includes 6 pieces


1 Qt. Sauce Pan

includes cover


2 Qt. Sauce Pan

includes cover


3 Qt. Sauce Pan

includes cover


9" Utility Pan

includes cover


11-1/2" Skillet

includes cover


10 Qt. Stock Pot

includes cover



includes cover




Double Boiler Insert

fits 3-Qt. saucepan


Cooking with Cutco Cookware

Cutco's professional quality cookware is designed to let you prepare all your favorite recipes with only a minimal amount of water or oil - liquid that can steal away both flavor and nutrition. This low-moisture approach retains food nutrients, enhances flavor and appearance, and cuts cooking time dramatically. So whether it's a quick breakfast, or a five-course holiday feast, you'll serve your family and friends delicious, healthy meals - without spending all day in the kitchen.

Select the correct size.

With low-moisture cooking, foods cook best when they fill or nearly fill the pot or pan. Be sure to use the proper Perfect-Fit lid.

Use only minimal water, oil or other liquid.

Moist fruits and vegetables contain ample natural moisture. Simply rinse and drain them before cooking. The water remaining on the food should be sufficient. Only add water or liquid if the food does not contain enough moisture of its own. Most meats can be cooked in their own natural juices, but may require a small amount of oil for braising. Of course, water is necessary for preparing soups, dry cereals, rice, pasta or fruits and vegetables when steaming.

Use less salt and seasonings.

Because low-moisture cooking brings out the natural flavors of food, you can reduce the amount of seasoning and salt you add - another healthy benefit.

Always cook on medium to low heat.

High heat and boiling destroys vitamins and nutrients. The special 5-ply construction of Cutco Cookware distributes heat evenly on all sides of your food, so you can cook at lower temperatures. Start cooking over medium heat until food begins to steam, then reduce temperature to low for the remainder of the cooking time.

Always use a cover.

Low-moisture cooking depends on using the natural moisture in food. Using a cover holds this moisture in. There are some exceptions to this rule, including preparing foods that require constant stirring such as gravies and puddings, boiling eggs and pan frying certain meats, fish and chicken.

Keep cover in place while cooking.

Lifting the lid allows heat, steam and nutrients to escape. It interrupts the self-basting action of low-moisture cooking and lengthens cooking time by requiring the contents to re-heat. Loss of moisture through escaped steam may also result in burned food.