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Chef Knives

To Use:

Grasp handle between thumb and forefinger, allowing fingers to follow the curve of the handle. Place the tip of the blade on a cutting board at a 45 degree angle to the board surface. Place thumb and fingers of other hand at the top of the tip of the blade (as illustrated), to hold the blade firmly to the board. Caution: keep fingers away from the cutting edge. Move the knife up and down in a rocking motion, keeping the tip of the blade on the board. At the same time, move the knife back and forth across the board in a quarter circle. When dicing celery, carrots, green beans, etc., place 8-10 pieces lengthwise on a cutting board. Hold the pieces firmly with your opposite hand and slowly push them under the blade while dicing.
Choose It To:

Chop salad greens, vegetables, nuts, and fruits; shred cabbage; mince fresh herbs; cube bread for stuffing and pudding; prepare hashed-brown, french fried or scalloped potatoes.
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