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How to Slice Eggplant

Don’t limit yourself to only using diced eggplant in recipes. Slicing it into thin planks opens this summer favorite up to many other possibilities.

With a sharp 9-1/4" French Chef, you can make thin slices of eggplant to use for vegetable lasagna or stuffed roll-ups. Because eggplant is great at taking on the flavor of whatever you’re adding to it, using wide, thin strips allows the taste to permeate the flesh.

When cooking with eggplant note that the same spongy texture that allows it to absorb flavor also can soak up a lot of oil. So, go easy on the oil when cooking with it.

When choosing an eggplant look for those that are firm with glossy skin and are heavy for the size. Also note that younger eggplants tend to be less bitter.

Now that you’ve selected the perfect eggplant, here is how to slice them.

How to Slice an Eggplant

  1. Using a 9-1/4" French Chef trim off the ends of the eggplant.
  2. Stand the eggplant up so it rests flat on the cutting board and slice lengthwise to desired thickness.

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