How to Cut a Turnip

How to Cut a Turnip

I’ll admit I didn’t know much about turnips until I started working for Cutco. Over the years it seems this humble root vegetable is gaining respect and is making its way on to more dinner tables.

There is no real trick on how to cut a turnip, but, as we always say, the key to even cooking is to cut them into a uniform size. The best knife for cutting a turnip is one that is sharp enough and hefty enough to slice through the dense texture. Cutco’s Hardy Slicer is our knife of choice for this job because of its sharp, Double-D® edge and weighty blade, which can power through the firm flesh.

Roasting turnips is my favorite way to eat them. Just scrub them under cold water, cut into chunks, toss with a little olive oil, season and roast at 450 F until tender and slightly browned.

Turnips can also be mashed like potatoes, sliced to add to a salad, or diced for adding to stews or soups.

How to Cut a Turnip

  1. Use a Hardy Slicer to cut the turnip in half, stem to root.
  2. Lay the turnip halves flat on the cutting board and slice off the root-end and the stem-end.
  3. Slice to desired thickness
  4. Rotate and cut crosswise to cut into chunks of desired size.

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