How to Cut Brussels Sprouts

How to Cut Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts get a bad rap, but they’re really quite versatile and when prepared properly are downright delicious. Learn how to cut Brussels sprouts for roasting, using in salads or pan-frying and discover just how tasty they really are.

Here are three easy ways to cut them based on how you might be using them.

Cutting for roasting:

With a sharp 7" Santoku knife, trim about 1/4" off the bottom of the core. You could also use the shorter 5" Petite Santoku for this step.


Remove loose yellow or brown outer leaves.




Cut in half or into quarters.


When roasting, place Brussels sprouts flat side down in the pan.


Tip: Before roasting, sear Brussels sprouts, cut side down, in a hot iron skillet with olive oil and some garlic bulbs before placing into the oven.

Removing leaves for salads:

Use a sharp 4" Gourmet Paring Knife or other large paring knife to trim about a quarter-inch off the bottom of the core. 

Remove loose, yellowing outer leaves and discard.

Trim another quarter-inch off the bottom.


Remove loose leaves and place them in a bowl.

Repeat the process of trimming the bottom of the Brussels sprout and removing leaves. 

Save the inner core of leaves for soup or stew.

Tip: Mix the leaves with arugula and dress with your favorite dressing for a great-tasting salad. You can also blanch the leaves before adding them to a salad.

Shredding for pan-frying:

With a sharp chef knife or paring knife, trim about a quarter-inch off the bottom of the core.

Remove loose outer leaves.

Cut the Brussels sprout in half.

Lay flat and thinly slice from top to core to create shreds.

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Tip: Slice some bacon and onions to add to the pan while frying.

These are just suggested cutting techniques. Experiment with your own ways to use Brussels sprouts. For example, try the chiffonade cut for salads, or remove leaves and pan-fry them to make your own Brussels sprout chips.

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