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Sharpening & Repair

The Forever Guarantee provides free sharpening or repair whenever you need it.

Request Service
  • 1Request serviceComplete the form telling us what you'll be sending. It can be anything Cutco made.
  • 2Package & ship
    to Cutco
    Follow the instructions on how to package your knives.
  • 3Get everything back like new Within 2-3 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does sharpening cost?

Sharpening your knives is free. If you choose to send your knives for factory sharpening, there is a return shipping fee to ship items back to you.

Quantity of items sent Return shipping fee
1–10 products $9
11–25 products $12
26–40 products $15
*40 pieces max

How long does sharpening or repair take?

Once we receive your knives in London, ON, we’ll sharpen the blades, polish the handles, and get your knives back to you within three weeks.

Where do I send my product?

Request service and ship to the address provided.

If in Canada, please ship to:

Vector Marketing Canada Corporation
RE: Sharpening / Repair
4-15875 Robin's Hill Rd.
London, ON N5V 0A5

This is a drop-off location only. Product will be shipped out for factory sharpening.

If you live outside Canada, please contact us for more information. Please provide your location and the items you would like serviced.

How do I package my knives to return?

For the safety of everyone who will handle your shipment, please package your knives carefully.

  • Please make sure to clean your knives thoroughly before returning them for sharpening or service.
  • Avoid using tape directly on the blades and handles.
  • Cover the entire blade with cardboard. Cardboard from cereal boxes works well.
  • Do not use padded envelopes.
  • Place your knives in a cardboard box with extra packing material to keep them secure during shipping.

Packaging your product

Can my vintage products be sharpened or repaired?

If you have vintage products, in most cases we can still service them. If we can't, we'll replace them. You can choose to have the original items returned to you when you request service.

How often should I send my knives to be sharpened?

With proper use and care, the edge on your straight-edge and Double-D®-edge knives should last years. When you notice they aren't performing as you expect, send them for free sharpening and we'll get them like new.

Sharpen your knives in-home

Repair Service

Under the Forever Guarantee when a product needs repaired, we'll do everything we can to make it right, or replace it.