Sharpening Stories

We asked customers to share their Sharpening Stories. Here's what some had to say.

Excellent, Fast

Was excellent, fast service, replaced items that needed to be replaced, and only without them for a few days. Love the service and knives.

Great Service

I was very surprised when I received a brand new knife instead of just sharpening the one that I sent back. I really appreciate the great service!

Ridiculously Fast

Soooooo, three of us went 'in' on the shipment of our products for repair or replacement. Just makes sense to do it all at once and share the cost. I couldn't begin to list every piece on the form. Yet every single item came back better and in a ridiculously fast fashion. Hard to believe that your customer service model isn't on the front page of every business publication. Truly stellar, truly fast, truly friendly (I got a quick reply from CS when I asked if I had to list all items). No sooner had I mailed a box of miscellaneously battered or slightly dulled items, than I got an email that CUTCO had rec'd them. Then, poof, an email that our items were on their way home :-) Equally as fast, they were on my doorstep. Amazing!!!

What a difference

I had my Cutco knives for nearly 30 years and had never had them sharpened / repaired; my bad. I was amazed how simple the process was and how quickly my knives came back to me. What a difference sharp knives make! And Cutco kept me informed every step of the way via e-mail. What made me wait so long? Thank you Cutco.

Happy and Satisfied

I kept putting off sending my knives in to be sharpened, just a little unsure about sending them through the the mail. But Cutco let me know that they made it there safely and it was only a few days then I got an email saying your knives are on their way home. Yay!! So happy and satisfied. Thank you.

It Worked Perfectly

Fabulous service as always and I am still amazed how you replace any worn or defective items. I wasn't even aware that I had issues with 3 pieces out of the 13 I mailed to you. Thanks once again. I find it is great to mail your pieces in as you are leaving on a long trip and then have them mail them back on a date you suggest! It worked perfectly.


I was very surprised when I received a brand new knife instead of just sharpening the one that I sent back. I really appreciate the great service!

Prompt & Easy

Service was prompt and easy! I should have done this years ago!! Thanks Cutco!!

I Was so Impressed

I had my knives and block for over 25 years and had never sharpened them. I was so impressed that you sharpened them, replaced a couple knives and replaced my broken block, basically for free. And I received the knives and block really fast. And the knives work beautifully! I should have done this a long time ago.

Treated Like a Valued Customer

Treated like a valued customer from beginning to end. I was kept informed all through the process and everything went smooth.

Best Service I Have Ever Gotten

The best service I have ever gotten from a company. I LOVE Cutco knives and your company is the greatest!!! A+++++

Fell in Love With Cutco All Over Again

I bought my Cutco knives about 15 years ago and I have never had them sharpened before. I just felt like it would be an inconvenience to send them off to be sharpened. what a nice surprise, it took less then two weeks and I fell in love with cutco all over again!!

Never Imagined

Outstanding! I knew my knives were going to be sharpened but never imagined the damaged blades would also be replaced. What a fantastic company and a tremendous way to business. Thank You Cutco!

Amazing level of Service

Probably the most value intensive purchase we ever made. Purchased knife set in 1969. Still in daily use. Free replacement knives twice. Free sharpening when needed. A truly amazing level of service and commitment.

Outstanding Customer Service

Outstanding customer service! After 15 years of heavy use my knives were sent back to the manufacturer for sharpening. What returned were beautiful, brand new knives at no cost to me! When Cutco says lifetime guarantee, they really mean it! Thank you for standing by your product and your promise.

Still Impresses Me

For over 21 years we have sent our knife set into Cutco for sharpening. The easy process, turnaround time and quality of work still impressed me.

Love Cutco Even More

I have loved Cutco ever since my first purchase and love it more after my sharpening experience. Thank you.

Process Was Entirely Pleasant

We bought our chef's knife at least 15 years ago and never thought of sending it in to be sharpened. I expected to be hasseled about where and when we bought it. Instead, the process was entirely pleasant and we even received updates about how our knife was doing. I'm proud that CUTCO is an American Company!

The Best Customer Service

I had some steak knives in pretty bad shape. They wouldn't cut butter and some of the tips had broken. Within a weeks time, my knives were sharpened beautifully and the ones with broken tips were replaced. The best customer service.

Outstanding, Prompt & Impressive

I find it extremely refreshing that a corporation would have such honor and integrity in today society. CUTCO is truly an outstanding company and with service that can only be rated as outstanding, prompt and impressive.

Shocked and so Pleased!

We bought our set almost 20 years ago and send them in for sharpening every couple years or so. The last time we sent them in, the set came back with some new knives. We didn't realize that's how Cutco works. We were shocked and so pleased! That reaffirmed, for us, the solid choice we made when we first purchased the set. Thank you Cutco!

A Pleasure to do Business With

What a surprise to hear that Cutco wanted to replace my entire set free of charge !!!! I NEVER expected it!! You are a wonderful company and a pleasure to do business with.

Appreciate You

Your service is amazing. The knives returned quickly and are perfect. It is not often that services are provided from other companies these days. Appreciate you. Keep up the good work. Thank you

Service is Outstanding

I had a lot of knives that I have been putting off and putting off to get fixed and/or sharpened. I was amazed at how quickly your service was. It seemed like I just sent them to you and they were back in my home. I had forgotten how sharp and really good sharp knife could be. I had both white and black handles and you sent back exactly what I sent you. I will be telling everyone how great your knives are and if service is ever needed on their knives that your service is outstanding.

Great, Pain Free Experience

I'm am so pleased and impressed with the over all service that Cutco provides in sharping my knives. Customer Service RepresentativeS are very professional, knowledgeable and kind. Thank you for a great pain free experience.

The Forever Guarantee is for Real

Fantastic service!! The Forever Guarantee is for real. I bought my knife set over 12 years ago and had no problem getting help. Contacting them through their web site and communicating through email was so simple. They were fast and courteous.

Thanks so Much

My story...hum...well knives needed sharpening and this had to be planned around vacation time, since I just can't live without my knives which are used daily. Many of the pieces are almost 45 years old--3 pieces were replaced because they could no longer be serviced. Wow, what an endorsement for a fine product line. Knives arrived back to me quickly, so that cooking was not interrupted and husband did not starve. Thanks so much

Very Easy

My first time in 40 year ownership I have sent knives in for service. Very easy & return time was great. I will not wait so long next time!

In a world...

In a world of lowered expectations it was nice to see a company stand behind their product and do what they say they're going to do.

Only in America

Cutco service is the best! All of my knives are returned super sharp and shiny! And if sharpening won't bring back your much used and much beloved Cutco to it's original quality they will replace the item! I can not say enough good things about Cutco. Quality products backed up by great service...for life!! Only in America! Thanks Cutco!!

Exactly What You Say

You do exactly what you say you will do. Every time.

Always Surprised

Still, after many years, I am always surprised at the excellent service of this company!

Returned to Me Like Brand New

I could not believe how quickly my knives were sharpened and sent back to me. I have been hesitating for years to send my knives in to be sharpened, because I thought I would be without them for weeks. Now I have as close to new knives as you can get. My shears were replaced, which I totally appreciate! Thank you to the whole team that worked on my knives and returned them to me like brand new!

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