To return or exchange your product please reach out to our service department.
Call: 1-800-828-0448

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your exchange policy?

To return or exchange new product within 15 days of receipt, request service and include the printed confirmation in your package.

Should you damage your Cutco through unconventional use, we'll replace the product for one-half of the current retail price plus applicable sales tax. Request service

After your Cutco is received in Olean, please allow one to two weeks for the processing and return of your products. You may call 1-800-828-0448 for a time estimate.

What is your return policy?

Under the Cutco Forever Guarantee, if within 15 days of receiving your order you are not completely satisfied, you may return products for a complete refund.

Engraved product cannot be returned under the Cutco Forever Guarantee, but all other aspects of the guarantee apply.

Where do I send my product?

In compliance with the directive from the Governor of New York State, Cutco is temporarily shutting down operations. As a result, we cannot process returns at this time.

How do I package my knives to return?

For the safety of everyone who will handle your shipment, please package your knives carefully.

  • Avoid using tape directly on the blades and handles.
  • Cover the entire blade with cardboard. Cardboard from cereal boxes works well.
  • Do not use padded envelopes.
  • Place them in a cardboard box with extra packing material to keep them secure during shipping.

Packaging your product

Can my vintage products be exchanged?

If you have vintage products, in most cases we can still service them. If we are unable to service your vintage product we will replace it for damage that occurred during conventional use. If the damage occurred under unconventional use, we will replace it for half the current retail price plus applicable sales tax.

Before and AfterView Jana Dalton's Story

My name is Jana Dalton and I live on a farm near Dayton, Ohio. We purchased the farm in 2000 and have made many improvements, one of which was cleaning up an area down by the woods that we affectionately now refer to as the Fairy Patch. It was an area that in the pre-recycle era, was basically a scrap heap. We were clearing and reclaiming the area with a backhoe and stopped to take a break. I kicked around a few misc. items thinking I may find treasure and something caught my eye in a freshly upturned patch of dirt. I saw the outline of a very large knife and at closer look, recognized the shape of the handle. I thought there was no way it could be, but I picked it up and it had the unmistakable trademark Cutco handle.

Before and After

It was covered in dirt and goo and still doubting my find, I took back to the house and cleaned it up with some olive oil and steel wool so I could see the engraving on the blade. Sure enough, it was a Cutco. We have had Cutco for years and were already impressed by the quality of the product, but this was over the top. That knife was buried a minimum of ten years and I can't imagine whoever lost it was pleased about it. Needing a good sharpening I decided to go ahead and send in a few other Cutco knives that needed repair and sharpening. Your staff sharpened and polished the knives as well as repaired the tip of my paring knife (which of course I used for something I shouldn't have). The old knife looks great now, the only visible sign is some slight pitting on the rivots in the handle. I tell the story to anyone I know that has Cutco and none of them seemed surprised, but all are happy for me and my treasure find.

Jana N. Dalton
PGA Professional
Kittyhawk Golf Center