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Great Skills, Great Product Lead To Great Life

Within every good entrepreneur lies discipline, a desire to succeed and a passion for the product. For Jim Novitsky learning those truths started when he sold CUTCO Cutlery in college and living them continued through his successful ventures all the way into early retirement.

The 40-something former entrepreneur said that the goal-setting, budgeting and communication skills he learned selling CUTCO are critical in today's challenging business environment. As a sales rep, learning opportunities are found in everything from efficiently scheduling appointments to sitting down with people you don't know and presenting knives.

"At a young age, sales reps learn skills to succeed and carry them through life," he said. "It determines who you are, what you do and how ".

Jim sold CUTCO for one and a half years while a student at Michigan State laying the foundation for a career in sales. After leaving CUTCO he continued his career in sales. He rose in the ranks from sales rep to National Sales Manager at which point he began his own sales and distribution company. Later he would sell his company opting for an unusually early retirement.

Now Jim enjoys his 40s void of the usual work-week routine. He lives a comfortable lifestyle with plenty of time to spend with his young children and wife.

"At a young age, sales reps learn skills to succeed and carry them through life." - Jim Novitsky

Having the opportunity to sell a product he believed in and learning the value of investing in a quality product like CUTCO also contributed to his success, Jim said. He saw first hand that while the up-front cost of a quality product is greater the investment is cost effective. This knowledge played a key role in his success in sales.

"In sales if you have a great product for your customer it is your duty to help them make the right investment in that product," he said. "Otherwise, they will spend more money over time buying something else that doesn't meet their needs as well."

Today Jim still has his original CUTCO in his kitchen, a reminder of how great skills and a great product can lead to a great life.


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