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Kerry Oliver, purchasing director

Kerry Ritchie Oliver grew up thinking that she could only do one thing - compete in sports on a national level. But when injury took that away it was the Vector experience that showed her that, after injury, there was only one thing she couldn't do - compete in sports on a national level.

"Most of my life was sports. That's what I succeeded in. Vector gave me the confidence to succeed in something else, " Kerry said.

And Kerry did succeed selling CUTCO. She made $18,000 in her first summer and by doing so began to regain confidence in herself.

Meanwhile, others in Vector gained confidence in her. They saw her as a leader and she began to coach others. Within a year she was a branch manager. And all the while she was learning new skills.

In fact, from Vector Kerry went directly to management with one of the world's largest oil companies. That's ironic because when she took the position with Vector she made the choice to sell CUTCO over working at the local gas station. Choosing the Vector experience continued to catapult her career.

Once again, the "teaching" skills Kerry learned with Vector would prove vital in her next move. She signed on for a job that required her to lead executive teams in new directions without the benefit of direct authority.

And now? Selling has come full circle for Kerry. She said she's "selling" ideas as director of Purchasing and Logistics for Maple Leaf Foods.

"What I learned with Vector is still helping me today. Vector gave me a skill set that opened up a lot of doors for me, " Kerry said.


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