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Success In Sales A Common Thread In Former Rep's Careers

John Pepper believes the secret to his success today lies in the experiences he had selling CUTCO as a Dartmouth College student in 1990.

Since then he's worked as a banker, a sales rep for Johnson & Johnson and is now at the helm of the popular Boston restaurant chain, The Wrap. John, the co-founder and CEO of the Stellar Restaurant Group, said he's done well along the way and believes that the sales skills he learned with Vector are the common denominator.

"Selling CUTCO is one of the best business experiences you can get" he said.

At first glance it would appear that John is a "Jack" of all trades but he feels that's not the case at all. Sales is at the center of each job and as long as he believed in the product he was selling, like he believed in the quality of CUTCO, he was bound to do well.

Should those people have questions about what he's selling, John said he's not worried. It's natural for people who aren't familiar with a product to have questions and through his Vector experiences he learned how to lead them down the right path to understanding and appreciating the benefits of what he's selling.

"I found that many times your hardest customer would turn out to be your best customer. When I was selling CUTCO I put myself in a potential customer's shoes then I walked them over to my point of view," he said. "I learned to work with all kinds of people. "


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